Makin’ It Mine:

3M 2080 Vehicle Wrap Showcase

See How Drivers Customize Their Ride With 3M Wrap Film Series 2080

3M Wrap Film Series 2080 is the hottest new car wrap on the market and it’s turning drivers’ heads. The "Makin’ it Mine" showcase offers endless inspiration as drivers show off creative wrap film applications installed by our 3M Dealers around the country. 3M's 2080 Vinyl Wrap has allowed car enthusiasts to truly make their vehicles their own - and ride with confidence and style.

2080 vehicle wraps are available in dozens of colors and multiple finishes, including carbon fiber, glossy, matte, mirror, satin, brush, and textured. Your basic factory paint job is begging for an infusion of personality and style, and 2080 is just the ticket for makin’ it yours.

The Prized Showcase Winner is…

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2080 Vehicle Wrap Film
Turning Heads: 2080 Inspiration

Porsche Films
Richmond, Virginia
2080 black
Ferrari Wraps
Rome, Italy
2080 Gloss Film
Tesla Tints & Wraps
LA, California
2080 red film

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