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1103 Butterworth Court, Stevensville, MD, USA

Maryland’s Car and Truck Window Tinting Experts

CarWorx is a Maryland-based car and truck restyling company specializing in professional 3M window tint installation and offering high-quality automotive products and services. In business since 1994, the professionals at CarWorx have perfected their 3M window film application process to give their customers the utmost satisfaction. Their installers are ready to help you select the best 3M window tint to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to reduce glare while driving, regulate your vehicle’s temperature, minimize the effects of UV ray penetration on your skin and your car’s upholstery, or just give your ride a sleek new look, Carworx has a window film solution for you. 

Other 3M Automotive Products: Ceramic Coating, PPF, & Car Wraps

In addition to 3M automotive window tint, CarWorx also offers other 3M products to keep your vehicle looking sleek. To protect your car from everyday wear and tear, CarWorx offers 3M Ceramic Coating, which will help maintain your car or truck’s lustre while resisting scratches and stains from everyday use. For even more protection, CarWorx can install 3M Paint Protective Film (PPF) across your car or truck’s body to safeguard your vehicle from scratches caused by more intrusive objects such as road debris and insects. And to add more visual appeal, CarWorx can give your car a vinyl wrap, which adds uniqueness to your ride without paying for a new paint job. 

3M Warranty Benefits for Your Car & Truck Window Tint

Using 3M window tints, CarWorx’s car & truck window tinting services in Maryland gives clients the best product warranty and customer satisfaction. 3M’s window film warranty guarantees that your new automotive window tint will maintain its solar reflective properties, adhesion properties, appearance, and strength. As a result, you should not experience any bubbling, peeling, or discoloration of your car or truck’s tinted windows. If you do, CarWorx will replace the defective window tint and cover the cost of labor for removal and reapplication. The warranty is effective for as long as you own your vehicle.

In addition to offering a comprehensive warranty on 3M window films that will keep your car or truck safe, comfortable, and looking good, CarWorx also provides a wide variety of vehicle accessories, wheels, audio systems, remote car starters, and automotive lift kits. Check out CarWorx for all your car or truck styling needs today!


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  • Vehicle Audio Systems
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Car & Truck Wheels
  • Remote Car Starters
  • Automotive Lift Kits

Car Worx (Stevensville)

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