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Automotive Window Tinting in Rochester, NY

In 1998, the Tint Shop first opened their doors to offer automotive window tinting in Rochester, NY. For over 20 years, they’ve served the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse communities by performing high-quality tinting installations. The Tint Shop’s mission is centered on providing the highest level of service and top-quality, long-lasting products.

As one of the top automotive window tinting shops in Rochester, the Tint Shop offers a variety of 3M Window Films for vehicles. Depending on how dark of a tint you want, there are several different shades available. For a subtle look, stick with a lighter opacity, or select a darker shade for added privacy and a sporty style. Either way, window tinting will give your vehicle more protection, blocking solar heat and harmful UV rays. The automotive window films at the Tint Shop will keep your vehicle cool, comfortable, and safe from the sun’s harsh light and heat.

3M Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Vinyl Wraps, & Other Automotive Services

Along with automotive window film, the Tint Shop offers several other services to help protect and upgrade your vehicle,

With 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF), you can protect your vehicle’s exterior while maintaining the same look or give your vehicle a facelift with a vinyl wrap. PPF provides a clear layer of protection from knicks and scratches and is available in both gloss and matte finishes. Vinyl wraps can transform your ride in a quicker, more durable, and more cost-effective manner than a new paint job. Not to mention, vinyl wraps aren’t just a great opportunity to change the appearance of your car, but they can also double as advertising for business owners. And don’t forget about 3M Ceramic Coating. This slick layer of material makes cleaning bird droppings, sap, bugs, and other debris off of your vehicle a breeze.

With remote start services, you don’t have to worry about sitting in your car waiting for it to reach a functional and pleasant temperature. Instead, start your vehicle from inside the comfort of your home and wait until it’s ready for you. The Tint Shop also offers help with setting up alarms as well as audio and video equipment.

Learn more about the different types of automotive products available at the Tint Shop to find one that best fits your needs.


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  • 3M Paint Protection
  • Auto Wraps and Graphics
  • Remote Start and Alarms
  • Audio & Video

The Tint Shop Emporium

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