Bird Safety Film

At a Glance

Help Prevent Avian Deaths
Mitigate Damage to Windows
Subtle Appearance
The markings change the reflectivity of glass to make birds redirect their flight pattern.

Bird Collisions Into Windows Can Be Deadly

Windows of any size pose a threat to birds. However, structures with larger surface areas of windows present the most danger to avian populations simply because there is more glass to create potential collisions. For decades, Dr. Daniel Klem has studied the impact of both commercial and residential structures’ windows on avian populations. He estimates between 100 million and 1 billion bird deaths occur annually in the United States as a result of window collisions.


3M Fasara Glass Finishes Help Prevent Collisions to Improve Bird Safety

Retrofitting buildings with custom printed 3M Fasara Glass Finishes can help mitigate bird collisions into exterior glass surfaces. Subtle patterns of circles, dashes, diamonds, rectangles, and other geometric shapes signal the presence of a glass pane to birds. The markings break up the reflection of surrounding vegetation and the sky, reducing the occurrence of birds flying into the glass. Custom 3M Fasara can also be used in new construction projects for bird collision prevention. In addition to protecting birds, outfitting windows with bird safety markers help shield a property from damage. While a small sparrow might not leave much of a mark, a bald eagle can certainly cause an impact.