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How to Secure Your Property Against Home Burglary

According to the FBI, there were more than 1.5 million burglaries in the United States in 2016. The victims of these burglaries suffered around $3.6 billion in lost property, with an average loss of $2,361 per case.

Just imagine losing over $2,000 worth of your belongings.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself from being hit by a home burglary. By learning how to secure your home, you can stop predators from taking advantage of you.

Use the following home burglary prevention tips to prevent getting hit by local criminals.

1. Install Window Films

The number one method we can suggest for how to prevent burglary is installing 3M window film. In 2014, for example, over 50 percent of burglaries in the United States involved forcible entry, such as breaking a window.

Windows are one of the most exposed parts of your home. While locks will stop most casual criminals from breaking in, if someone is truly determined to rob you, they’ll just break a window and climb inside.

How to Secure Home Against Burglary

That’s where installing window film comes into play. This efficient film adds shatter resistance to your window, so if it’s hit by a rock, gunshot, or other blunt impact, it will be less likely to break or give way. Instead, it will spider into a nearly impenetrable surface that can’t be easily knocked down or broken.

Just watch this YouTube video to see the films in action, compared to a normal window. A burglar uses a gun to blast a hole in a normal window, eviscerating the entire pane. When he shoots the gun at the glass with window film, however, the pane is resistant to damage, even after a minute of repeat attempts.

In the several minutes of loud smacking, crunching, and hitting it will take a burglar to finally break through your window, they’ll become so conspicuous that you, the neighbors, or passersby will notice something is wrong. This provides enough time to call the police and hopefully catch the bandit before they’re smart enough to flee.

2. Landscape Your Yard

Now that you have impenetrable windows, the next step in how to prevent break-ins to call in a landscaper.

No, we’re not joking. Strategic landscaping can play a big role in how a thief approaches your home.

For example, if you line the space under your windows with thorny bushes, the burglar may be more reluctant to try to sneak in. Instead of dealing with the potential pain, they may just move onto an easier target. And if they do brave the thorns because they think it will only take a second to put a hole in the window, your window film will stymie them.

Additionally, you’ll want to remove potential hiding places from your front lawn. Big, overgrown bushes are the perfect place for robbers to camp out while they’re studying your routine. Keep these areas trimmed and neat so there’s no room for anyone to lurk.

Finally, adding some gravel or stones to your entryway is also a good idea. Stones make it far easier to hear approaching footsteps, especially at night when no one should be around.

3. Get a Dog

Perhaps you already have a dog. If so, it seems you already know a little about how to prevent break-ins. If not, you might want to consider adopting a ferocious pooch who will stand guard when you’re not around.

There are many breeds of dog noted for their natural protection instincts, including:

  • German Shepherds
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Rottweilers
  • Akitas
  • Bullmastiffs
  • Caucasian Shepherds
  • Giant Schnauzers

These breeds are renowned for barking and causing a scene when a stranger enters the home.

How to Secure Home Against Burglary

For a thief trying to slip in unnoticed, having a loud and alert dog calling them out is often not worth the risk. What’s more, all of these dogs are on the larger side, so if a thief somehow does make it inside without realizing you have a dog, they’ll leave when they see your massive hound waiting for them.

Keep in mind that getting a dog just for protection is still a big responsibility. Many of these dogs have a lot of energy, so you’ll need to walk them on a regular basis. However, this is just one more form of protection, as it showcases your dog’s prowess to anyone who’s casing the neighborhood.

4. Keep Your Travel Plans Under Wraps

You’re finally going on that week-long beach vacation you’ve been dreaming about all year. In your enthusiasm, you share the news on social media, brag about it to coworkers, and even change your answering machine message to alert callers that you’ll be out of town for the next week.

Unfortunately, these are all things that increase your chances of suffering a home burglary.

While most burglars aren’t the brightest, they do have some common sense. So, if they check your Facebook page and see you’ll be out of town for an extended period, they’re smart enough to realize this is the perfect time to commit a robbery.

Therefore, don’t announce your travel plans. Additionally, call the post office to put your mail on hold. An overflowing mailbox is a good sign no one is home.

5. Hide Your Valuables

If you’re wondering how to prevent burglary, one of the most important steps is to hide your valuables. Don’t ever leave expensive electronics, wads of cash, or fine jewelry just sitting around without protection. This is just asking for something bad to happen.

Instead, put everything in a safe or other lockable box. Make sure the code isn’t something obvious, like your birthday or street address.

Again 3M window films should prevent burglars from getting in, even if they can see your 60-inch flat screen TV, MacBook Pro, and iPhone X from the sidewalk. However, to prevent temptation, put up privacy curtains so a burglar can’t see into your rooms. If a burglar can’t see what goods you have, they may not take the chance of robbing you.

6. Add Security Lighting

One final method of how to secure your home is to add security lighting. Burglars like to blend in with the dark, lurking in the shadows so no one can see them coming and going.

How to Secure Home Against Burglary

security, lights

Security lighting throws a wrench in that plan. With lights illuminating your front yard, backyard, and entryways, thieves will have no way to get into your home unnoticed. They’ll have to risk being seen if they want to rob you – a chance many burglars are not willing to take.

Be Proactive About Preventing Burglars & Break-ins

Of course, all these tips are great if you’re wondering how to secure your home. However, they work best in conjunction. Don’t just rely on landscaping your yard or installing window film when thinking about how to prevent break-ins. Instead, use all these tips concurrently for the best home burglary protection.

While we can’t help you find the perfect guard dog or best outdoor lighting, we can install window film to keep your home safe from home burglary. To learn more about our residential window film, contact Energy Productions Distribution today.

How to Secure Home Against Burglary




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