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Join the 3M Authorized Dealer Network for Tint & PPF

Installing a trusted and respected brand like 3M makes selling easier for you.
There are many brands of automotive tint and PPF on the market, and the one you choose to represent has a direct impact on how your business is perceived. By associating yourself with the 3M brand, you position your window tinting and PPF installation services as the cream of the crop. 3M is known as the vanguard of the auto tint and PPF markets, and their brand recognition and prestige extends to the installers of their products. Increase your foot traffic and your sales with 3M.

Request a free consultation or on-site demo to learn how you can join our prestigious network of 3M automotive film installers.

Benefits of Joining the 3M Dealer Network

3M Company holds the original patents to window film and paint protection film. Today there are millions of square feet of 3M films installed on homes, offices, and cars throughout the world. Here is how 3M continues to differentiate its products from the rest of the industry and how the 3M brand will help set you apart from competitors.



We offer thorough and intensive training for all 3M automotive products to members of our exclusive network of dealers, ensuring that every installation meets 3M’s stringent quality standards.


The 3M Brand

3M’s recognized brand brings more consumers to your shop, increasing your foot traffic and sales. And 3M is a 115+ year-old company that stands behind its products with a nationwide warranty.


The Original

Based upon several 3M core technologies, 3M Company holds the original window film and paint protection film patents.


The Urethane

3M manufactures its own non-yellowing urethane from raw materials.


The Adhesive

3M makes its own adhesives. From Scotch Tape® and Post-it® Notes to permanent construction adhesives, 3M is a world leader in adhesive technologies. The adhesives used in 3M’s films provide for fast drying, optical clarity, long-lasting bond, and simple removal.

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The Quality

3M has achieved the highest possible quality rating of manufacture: ISO 9002:1994.



No one knows abrasion like 3M. From sandpaper to Scotchbrite™ scouring pads, this is another category in which 3M is a worldwide leader. This expertise has also taught 3M how to protect against abrasion. With respect to window film, 3M has created an exterior layer that is six to ten times more durable than film alone. It can even hold up to fine steel wool and ammonia-based cleaners. And in the case of paint protection film, 3M’s self-healing clearcoat means you can treat the film as you would your paint. And in the event of minor scratching, the film heals itself.


UV Protection

3M window films block up to 99.9% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. 3M places the UV inhibitors in the film’s adhesive to stop UV light at the surface of the glass. Consequently, the adhesive does not yellow like that of the competition. In addition, many of 3M’s window films are recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.



3M films are maintenance-free. You can even clean 3M Window Films with ammonia-based products and you can treat 3M Paint Protection Film as you would treat your paint.


The Warranty

3M Company offers the most comprehensive window film and paint protection film warranties. In some cases, 3M guarantees the performance of its films.

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3M Products for Authorized Installers

When you become a 3M Authorized Installer, you will have access to our full arsenal of 3M automotive products, including window tint, PPF, wrap, and disinfection.

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3M Automotive Window Film

Available in a range of tints, 3M Automotive Window Films keep drivers looking cool and feeling comfortable by blocking heat, glare, and UV rays.

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3M Paint Protection Film

Clear bra invisible paint protection film keeps factory paint jobs looking as fresh as the day the car was driven off the sales lot.

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3M Wrap Film

Customize a car’s color and add accents with over 60 flavors of vehicle wraps to choose from, making a car as unique as its driver.


3M Disinfection

Clean, sanitize, and disinfect vehicles’ interiors to protect against bacteria and viruses.

Start Generating More Foot Traffic and More Auto Tint & PPF Sales with 3M.

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To learn more about joining 3M’s exclusive network of automotive film and PPF installers, request a free consultation or on-site demo by filling out the form.

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