Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin 48″ X 25′

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    Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin is 48" X 25' and is designed to help prevent a cracked windshield due to impact damage.

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    Bray Super Stretch Windshield Skin is a 6-mil, optically clear film that is installed on the outside of a windshield to protect it from cracking or breaking from road debris, saving the vehicle owner the hassle and inconvenience of windshield replacement. Windshield protection is a complement to paint protection film (PPF), which is designed to protect paint.

    Unlike other windshield protection films, Super Stretch is A-TPU urethane-based which makes installation much simpler. Average installation time is only 20 minutes and average profit per car is $300! In fact, it’s so easy to install, some people can do it blindfolded!

    Roll Size: 48″ X 25′

    Features & Benefits

    Helps to prevent windshield cracking from minor impact (rocks, pebbles, and other road rash).

    Can withstand normal wear and tear but will need to be replaced regularly to maintain ultimate visibility.

    Optically clear like the windshield on which it is installed.

    Life expectancy is 5-12 months based on average driving habits. Remember, windshield films are temporary windshield protection that will wear with time, weather, and wiper use. Be sure to remove and/or replace whenever visibility is compromised.

    You or your customer must register their product warranty within ten (10) days of installation by visiting Otherwise, warranty claims may be denied.

    View Care & Maintenance Instructions and Sell Sheet.

    Installs using standard PPF soap and water mix. Alcohol (8oz of 70% isopropyl in 24oz of water) can be used to lock down edges if needed.

    *Please contact the vehicle manufacturer to verify that the addition of windshield protection does not interfere with any ADAS or onboard systems such as anti-collision, lane departure, auto pilot, etc.

    **Please check with all local, state, and federal laws regarding the legality of the application of windshield film to a particular vehicle.

    ***Please note that windshield protection film is temporary in nature and clarity will diminish over time. Remove the film as soon as visibility is compromised.

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