Cross Hairline Matte Blue Grey (Emboss | SH2CHMAB)

  • Available in 90+ designs influenced by designers from across the globe
  • Constructed from durable and flexible polyester materials with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing
  • Wet application virtually eliminates bubbles, simplifying and speeding up the application process
  • Helps block at least 99% of UV light, helping reduce the discolouration of furniture and other items


  • When used for interior glass applications, all patterns have the National Fire Protection Association fire rating of Class A (as defined in NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code” Test Method ASTM E84)
  • Can be easily maintained by washing with water without abrasive detergents

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes are designed to help redefine living and working spaces. Available in a wide range of themes, textures, patterns, and colours inspired by designs from around the world, these finishes add a layer of customization to window surfaces while offering performance enhancements like UV-reduction and fire resistance. Find the finish that will breathe new life into your environment by choosing 3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes.