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Window Films have earned third party credibility, including the endorsement of local utility companies. In fact, utility companies are rebating the installation of window film by as much as 50%. Generally speaking, it is more cost-effective for a utility company to help its customers reduce their consumption rather than build additional infrastructure to supply increased demand. Utility companies typically offer two type of rebate programs: prescriptive and custom.

A prescriptive rebate for window film means that a fixed price per square foot of window film installed is rebated back to the end-user. The rebate amount can vary from $.45 / Sq Ft – $2.00 / Sq Ft. States where you can find prescriptive rebates for window film include Ohio, North Carolina, California, just to name a few. (See what rebate programs are available in your area by clicking here.)

Most power companies rebate window films through their custom programs. The rebate amount is evaluated on the estimated effect of window film on a given building. To determine this effect, 3M uses software (EFILM) based on the Department of Energy’s Energy Plus to model a building before and after window film. The difference in energy consumption multiplied by the cost / kWh represents annual energy savings. That estimate is then reviewed by the utility company for accuracy and the rebate amount is then calculated. The end-user receives a commitment letter from the utility company stating the rebated amount. The 3M dealer network will determine the rebated amount at no risk or obligation.

The Rebate Process

  1. Perform the EFILM analysis
  2. Submit EFILM analysis to utility company
  3. Utility company calculates rebate amount
  4. Utility company gives end-user a commitment letter that states the rebate amount
  5. If end-user wants to pursue the project, utility company performs an onsite survey
  6. End-User issues 3M authorized dealer a purchase order to proceed with installation
  7. 3M authorized dealer installs window film
  8. Utility company performs post-project inspection to verify that the window film was installed to manufacturer’s specifications
  9. End-user receives rebate check (or credit) from utility company

To find out more about applicable utility rebates in your area, click here.

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