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Energy Analysis

efilmUsing software co-developed by the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the International Window Film Association (IWFA), 3M and Energy Products Distribution can estimate the impact that window film will have on utility savings and energy consumption. We model your building as it is today and model your building as it would be with the addition of window film and compare the energy consumption (electric, gas, steam) of both to determine savings. Most 3M window films have a projected payback of three to seven years before any utility rebates. The software calculations are conservative and actual results may be well below that range. You can view a sample EFILM Energy Analysis by clicking here.

Temperature Logging

temperature-logger3M and Energy Products Distribution can estimate the impact of window film on temperature within the building. After identifying two identical rooms in terms of size and window area that are side by side or on top of one another, we will install window film in one room and leave the other untreated as a control. We then set up temperature loggers that read and record temperatures over time. After a week’s time, we extract the data from the loggers and can show as much as a 16°F difference.


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