Career Connect, powered by Energy Products Distribution, helps solve the film industry’s largest problem while supporting a worthy industry cause.


Industry Pain

The single largest problem facing the architectural and automotive film industry is one of labor. Dealers are constantly searching for qualified film technicians who are reliable, hardworking, and talented. And film technicians are continuously looking for employment that offers market-based compensation, bonuses, vacation, and retirement benefits. Career Connect helps to pair the right technician with the right employer.


What is Career Connect?

Unlike other career placement sites such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter, Career Connect serves only the automotive and architectural film industry. That’s because the only job postings permitted are for film technicians and all job-seeking candidates must have film installation experience (or the desire to learn). Career Connect joins together the dealer and the installer.


WHY DID WE CREATE Career Connect?

We created Career Connect to help meet an industry need – the need for dealers to find qualified installers, and vice versa. Dealers looking to scale their businesses, whether architectural or automotive, often cite installation labor as the biggest obstacle to doing so. While anyone in the industry can use Career Connect to advance their career, we encourage the following film technicians to do so:

  1. Individuals who recently entered the industry through one of many nationwide film technician training schools
  2. Film technicians relocating to another part of the country yet seek to remain in the industry




  • Automotive Window Film
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Windshield Protection Film
  • Vinyl Wrap Film
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Detailing
  • 12 Volt Accessories


  • Window Film
  • Glass Finishes
  • Vinyl & Graphic Films
  • Architectural Finishes
  • Cloaking, Smart & Transitional Films

How it Works

Like other career placement sites, employers and candidates can take charge of their respective business and career needs.


Employers (Dealers)

  • Post job opening(s)
  • Search candidates


Candidates (Installers)

  • Post your resume
  • Search job postings



Career Connect is free to every installer (candidate). It is also free to every dealer (employer) wanting basic access. For employers wanting enhanced access, we offer paid subscription models and 100% of the proceeds support a worthy industry cause – Tinters for a Cause.

Basic Premium Platinum
Price FREE $200 / year $1,000 / year
# of Job Postings $50 / job 5 jobs / year included Unlimited jobs / year included
Search Visibility Search available candidates but their contact information is not visible unless the candidate applies to your job Search, contact, and recruit available candidates (all candidate contact information is visible). Search, contact, and recruit available candidates (all candidate contact information is visible).


Giving BACK

Tinters for a Cause is a charitable foundation that helps members of the window film industry and their families when tragedy or hardships arise. Learn more about this worthy cause here.


We require that all users follow simple guidelines:

  • Please be respectful of everyone.
  • Please use Career Connect only to search for employment or employees.
  • Please obey all federal, state, and local employment laws, regulations, and practices.

Failure to follow the above guidelines will result in immediate user termination.

We appreciate your understanding.