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When it comes to aftermarket upgrades for protecting and enhancing your vehicle, there’s one brand that outshines and outperforms the rest: 3M. From window tinting and PPF to ceramic coating and vinyl wraps, 3M automotive products help maintain the comfort and appearance of your car, truck, or SUV.

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When there’s an automotive window tinting company around every corner, how do you decide to whom you should entrust your vehicle? 3M made the selection process simple. Look for their Pro Shop Dealer designation, and you know you’ll be in good hands. With currently only 120 3M Pro Shop Dealers in the country, they are the cream of the crop, rising above the competition in terms of service, expertise, and breadth of product offerings. They have undergone intensive training and are committed to the continuous improvement and innovation for which 3M is renowned.

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Automotive Window Film

As the original patent holder of window film, 3M is not only the top-performing window tint brand on the market, but it was also the first. 3M’s culture of continuous improvement and innovation has led them to expand their product offerings over the years to meet a wide variety of needs and preferences.

3M Window Film Product Lines

The following 3M automotive window films feature a lifetime nationwide warranty.


Every 3M automotive window film installation performed by our certified installation network is added to your vehicle’s Carfax report when you activate your warranty. Contact your certified installer for details.


Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Keep your factory paint job looking as fresh as it was the day you drove it off the sales lot with clear bra invisible paint protection film (PPF) by 3M. Originally made for military applications, this product is designed for durability and performance. Not to mention, 3M holds the original patent for 3M Paint Protection Film, so you can rest assured knowing that when you invest in PPF, you’re investing in a high-quality product backed by a company you can trust.

3M PPF Product Lines

3M Paint Protection Films are backed by a 10-year nationwide warranty.

3M Pro Series - Clear

3M Scotchgard™ Pro Series Clear represents the latest technology in paint protection film. The unique technology that separates this product from its competitors is a true testimony to 3M’s innovation. Industry-leading clarity (less orange peel) and self-healing and stain-resistant characteristics, Scotchgard Pro Series is designed to give you years of protection and performance without ongoing maintenance. Unlike your car’s paint, when 3M Pro Series is scratched, the scratches virtually disappear, keeping your film looking newer longer. It is warrantied for labor and material by 3M Company for ten (10) years. Virtually nothing can protect your vehicle better from scratches, stains, and chips than 3M Paint Protection Film Pro Series. It is the ultimate protection for paint.

3M Pro Series - Matte

3M Scotchgard™ Pro Series Matte delivers superior personalization and protection to automotive paint. Matte series is based off of the same technology as our clear film yet has a satin finish that matches the sheen of most factory matte paints. It can also be used to remove the gloss from your vehicle’s traditional paint to give a matte appearance. Like Pro Series Clear, Matte Series is warrantied for labor and material by 3M Company for ten (10) years.


Ceramic Coating

3M’s Ceramic Coating is a professionally applied low VOC polish that decreases the surface friction of your car’s paint, making it more slippery. That means dirt and contaminants such as road salt, acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, and bug splats can be removed or washed away with less effort than before. Your car’s paint will look newer longer.

3M Window Film Product Lines

3M Ceramic Coating applications are backed by a 5-year warranty.

*If vehicle owner follows recommended maintenance schedule that includes annual check-ups and application of one (1) layer of 3M Ceramic Boost Spray.


2080 Vinyl Car Wraps

3M Company has changed the car wrap industry once again with the introduction of 3M Wrap Film Series 2080. Color change car wraps have been trendy for quite some time and will continue to be popular as motorists seek to customize their vehicles as their own.

Wrap film is a stretchable and conformable vinyl that can be installed on the painted surfaces of your car, flat or curved. Available in hundreds of colors, flavors, and textures, wrap film allows you to customize your car and make it like no other. For an extra sleek aesthetic, select a Chrome Delete upgrade to conceal the metallic surfaces of your car’s exterior.

How is 3M Wrap Film Series 2080 different from other vinyl wrap films?


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