Why Bray


Bray Windshield Skin Offers Ultimate Protection

Bray is the ultimate in windshield protection, offering a product to suit every need and budget. It is the exclusive windshield protection used during the manufacture of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati. Here is how Bray differentiates itself from other windshield protection films.

The Original

Alan Bray, President and Founder of Bray Group, is the patent holder to windshield protection film. Years of research and product development has occurred to bring the consumer the product that is available today.

why bray increase Privacy and Filter Harsh Light

Multiple Options

Bray offers 1, 2, and 3 layered products. That means there is a solution for every budget, driver, and car. Bray also offers both urethane as well as polyester films.

1-layer material may be ideal for the rarely driven “garage queen” or for a dealership’s loaner fleet. 2-layer material may be for the driver that does a fair amount of driving but is on a budget. 3-layer material may be ideal for the daily driver that drives a lot of highway miles and wants to take no chances or for the consumer that wants the very best there is.

why bray windshield protection

Optional No Scratch / No Break Guarantee

Depending upon the situation, Bray offers a no scratch and/or no break guarantee in the event its product fails. That type of guarantee is evidence of a manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

why bray