6″ Cherry Speed Wing - GT2077-6

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6" Cherry Speed Wing

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Made by Pro Tools Now, the 6″ Cherry Speed Wing installation tool does the job other hard cards, Teflon cards, and Bondo cards can’t do. That’s because of the unique “wings” found on all four corners of the card, giving the installer an extra edge not offered by other rectangular cards.

The four speed wings each feature one flat edge and one curved edge. The curved edge contains Pro Tools Now’s proprietary Control Contour Technology (CCT) which reduces the chance of a film crease when dispersing air from a finger or bubble.

The Speed Wing is made of a unique blend of materials that allow it to slide across most films while maintaining rigidity.

Also available in 4″ (GT2077-4) and 8″ (GT2077-8) widths.

Cherry is softer than Lemon and Lime Speed Wings.

Who Measured the Durometer?Manufacturer
Product Size:6" wide

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