NT Pro A-1P Red Dot Knife w/ Blade

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NT Pro A-1P Red Dot Knife w/ Blade



Known for its versatility, the NT Pro A-1P Red Dot Knife is the current gold standard for installers of tint, PPF, and vinyl. It has a slim stainless steel profile that fits easily into the hand for precision cutting.

The Red Dot features a clickable and automatic locking slide for blade deployment and retraction as well as a blade snap-off tool. It is suited for left or right hand use and includes one stainless steel blade. Accepts 30° and 58° 9mm blades.

Can be used with the following 9mm (3/8″) replacement blades:
-GT1052 (Carbon)
-GT116 (Stainless)
-TI-RS5 (Titanium)
-BA-53P (Black 58°)
-BA-50P (Carbon Steel 58°)
-BD-50P (Carbon Steel 30°)

Be sure to exercise caution when using a blade. Remember that any blade can scratch glass, even if labeled as safe for glass.