3M DI-NOC Glass Finishes


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3m di-noc glass swatches
Applied to the underside of glass, 3M DI-NOC Glass Finishes provide the unexpected. They marry the benefits of glass with the aesthetics of various natural surfaces (woods, textiles, metals, stones) and solid colors.

Apply to the underside of nearly any glass surface.Common installation sites include:
3m di-noc glass on conference desks

Glass Desks

3m di-noc glass on conference wall

Glass Walls

3m di-noc glass on ceiling

Glass Ceilings

3m di-noc glass on floor

Glass Floors

Install On:

Various Plastics
Various Metals
3m di-noc glass on desk
DI-NOC for Glass is similar to a traditional DI-NOC Architectural Finish except that the adhesive is on the opposite side. When applied to the underside of glass, the pattern shows through the glass transforming plain clear glass into a visual spectacle of wood, stone, metal, and more.

When a new pattern is desired, simply remove the existing DI-NOC Glass Finish and install a new one for a rejuvenated appearance.

Ready for Installation?

Although you can purchase 3M DI-NOC Glass Finishes for your DIY application, we recommend contacting a 3M Authorized DI-NOC for Glass Dealer who can provide a professional and 3M-certified installation for your application.

If you’re not ready for installation yet or have additional questions, please book a 15-minute consultation with us.

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