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breaking & entering
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breaking & entering
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breaking & entering
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breaking & entering

Invest in Your Property’s Security with 3M Window Film

Glass breaks easily, and as such, windows are one of the most vulnerable points of entry into a building. Intruders typically gain access into a home or building by breaking windows and glass doors. After all, it is a lot easier to break a window than a brick wall. Tools typically used by intruders to break glass include crowbars, baseball bats, sledgehammers, and other blunt instruments.

Easy and unwanted access inside by an intruder threatens people, property, and continuity of operations. The safety of those inside along with their property is compromised. And personal safety aside, coping with the aftermath of an intruder can be a logistical nightmare that has long-lasting effects on the emotional, mental, and physical state of those affected.

3M Safety & Security Window Film with Impact Protection Adhesive can help fortify glass and delay unwanted entry, by helping to hold broken glass in place. The glass still shatters from the blunt force trauma but the film and attachment system help to create a barrier to the inside and give emergency personnel more time to respond.

*3M Safety & Security Window Film is not bulletproof nor are there any guarantees of performance as every threat is different and unknown.