Window Film or Window Treatments? Here’s What You Need to Know

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modern conference room with window treatments and window film

As an interior designer, you recognize that windows are highly valued in architecture for several reasons. Offering expansive outdoor views and natural lighting, windows are defining features of homes and commercial spaces. However, there comes a time when privacy and respite from the sun are needed. As a result, many …

3 Reasons Your Building Needs Distraction Markers

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business people walking by glass conference room with distraction markers

The environment in which we work can drastically impact our level of productivity. With this in mind, architects and interior designers aim to create an office setting in which employees can perform to the best of their ability. Open floor plans and expansive windows make for a sleek, modern office …

Achieve Unparalleled Creativity within Your Budget with Dichroic Film

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For many Americans working or residing in metropolitan areas, new buildings are constantly popping up around us. With the unceasing construction of buildings and the evolution of architecture, it can be difficult to stay ahead of trends and ensure that the appearance of your building remains unique. Many architects turn …

3M Window Film: The Clear Choice

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sunny meeting room with 3m window film

The ideal atmosphere for homes and offices often includes expansive windows offering natural light and sweeping views of surroundings. However, spaces that boast these impressive architectural features likely experience uncomfortable temperatures, high energy bills, and faded furnishings and floorings. As a result, home and business owners often turn to window …

Window Film Myths: Uncovering the Truth

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woman working at table next to window

It’s no secret that spaces utilizing window film reap many benefits. From improved insulation and lower energy bills to UV protection and enhanced security, window film is a beneficial solution for a number of solar, safety, and privacy challenges. However, we recognize that investing in window film can be a …

3 Ways to Attract New Tenants

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property manager showing business people building

As a property manager, it’s likely that one thought lingers in the back of your mind: “How will I not only keep current tenants happy, but also attract new ones?” 

Even if current tenants are delighted with their space, the inevitable ebb and flow of occupants means that there is almost …

A Tough Choice: Low-E Glass or Low-E Window Film?

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business man looking out window

When the concept of energy efficiency was first introduced in the 1970s, the entire process of designing, building, and finishing both residential and commercial spaces began to transform. Due to the introduction of efficient products in recent years, architects and construction companies have taken steps towards …

Preserve, Protect, & Prolong the Life of Your Designs with Window Film

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elegant modern room with large windows

While the exterior of a space is the first thing that people see, it’s the interior that establishes a lasting impression in terms of the ambiance created by pieces of furniture, art, decor, and more. As an interior designer, you strive to create beautifully designed and decorated interior spaces in …

Decorative Glass Finishes: The Cost-Effective Way to Create Elegant Aesthetics

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When it comes to designing a building, architects understand that appearance isn’t limited to the outside aesthetics. A space’s interior should be equally as visually appealing as its exterior! 

Beautiful, intricately etched or sandblasted glass can add an element of design to your space that isn’t easily achieved through artwork or …