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The Benefits & Challenges of Expansive Windows

The newest commercial buildings and residential homes appear to be made of floor-to-ceiling glass that spans the entire envelope’s perimeter. There is not only an aesthetic appeal to such design but also a functional one. Occupants want the ability to see outside and prefer natural daylight to artificial light. Studies have shown that people are more productive when exposed to the sun’s visible rays. However, these visible rays, along with the sun’s infrared heat, easily penetrate a home or building, making cooling a costly proposition for those paying the utility bills.

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New buildings and homes made of glass experience difficulty keeping occupants cool and comfortable. Simply put, the sun’s infrared rays and visible light are sources of heat. That energy more easily penetrates a piece of glass than a piece of brick or concrete. So, no matter the energy efficiency of a window, a building made entirely of glass is not as efficient as a building made of brick or concrete, assuming everything else constant.

That is why occupants of new glass buildings and houses experience personal discomfort. Often, the HVAC system cannot handle the cooling load. Even if it can, it may be costly.

So, what do building and home owners need to maintain temperature control throughout the year?

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How Window Film Improves Temperature Control & Occupant Comfort

Window film reduces the heat transfer that occurs through glass. It lowers a window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), which increases the amount of the sun’s incident energy (ultraviolet, visible light, infrared) that is reflected and absorbed by the window, thereby reducing what is transmitted inside. Reducing what is transmitted means less solar heat gain and an HVAC system that has a better chance of keeping up with demand, increasing personal comfort as a result.
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