One-Way Mirror Window Film

one-way mirror

3M’s Privacy Series One-Way Mirror Window Film turns clear, plain glass into one-way vision glass.

You have probably seen one-way vision glass when watching television, especially in scenes that take place in the following areas:


  • Police Lineup & Interrogation Rooms
  • Casinos & Banks
  • Market Research Areas
  • Reality TV Sets

In a police lineup, the witness can see those in the lineup but those in the lineup can not see the witness. That is made possible by the one-way vision glass that separates both rooms. This effect is accomplished using special glass and lighting.

Special glass is required between both parties. One side of the glass must have a silver metallized reflective coating while the other side must have a dark non-reflective coating. The area on the reflective side of the window must be brightly illuminated where the area on the non-reflective side must be no-to-dim illumination.

When done properly, the party in the dark area can see the party in the bright area, but not vice versa. That is because the party in the brightly lit room will see their own reflection when staring at the glass, just like an ordinary mirror. The party on the opposite side will see through the window to the other side. Because light passes equally in both directions, the darker side is harder to see from the brighter side due to the reflectivity of the glass.

one-way mirror
3M’s Privacy Series One-Way Mirror Window Film can turn ordinary glass into one-way vision glass. This dual reflective film is comprised of two distinct layers adhered together: a silver reflective film that faces the brightly lit room and a non-reflective black film that faces the dark room. Assuming the lighting disparity is correct on both sides of the glass, 3M’s Mirror Film will provide the privacy associated with one-way vision glass.
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