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3M Solutions for Energy, Security, and Design Refresh

EPD offers the A&D community various 3M solutions that help to address multiple building issues, all in a creative manner.

Energy Solutions

Improve the Energy Efficiency of the Building Envelope

As an architect, making building retrofits more energy efficient may be part of your responsibility. Too often the inefficiencies of a building’s envelope are overlooked. Windows tend to be a building’s Achilles heel, creating inefficiencies that are tolerated because of an occupant’s desire for natural light. 3M manufactures window films that reduce a window’s energy inefficiency without changing a building’s appearance. Turn single pane glass into double pane, or double pane into triple pane, all at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.


01. Help reduce utility bills by up to 10%
02. Help reduce temperature imbalances by up to 16 degrees
03. Earn up to 11 LEED points
04. Improve Energy Star Portfolio Manager score
05. Eligible for utility rebates

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Security Solutions

Improve the Security of the Building Envelope

Glass is typically the weakest part of a building’s envelope. After all, it is more fragile than the concrete, wood, siding, stucco, and other building materials that surround it. Broken glass presents a safety hazard, whether it is because glass shards are dangerous to the touch or because there is no longer a barrier between the inside and outside. 3M Safety & Security Window Film addresses the vulnerability of glass by helping to hold it together within the window’s frame.


01. Help prevent unwanted entry
02. Reduce injury from broken glass
03. Help prevent school shootings
04. Turn regular glass into tempered
05. Help prevent breaking & entering
06. Help prevent injury from a terrorist bomb

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Refresh Solutions

Renew and Rejuvenate Existing Spaces

Aesthetics are important in any office environment as no one wants to work in or visit an unpleasant atmosphere. But keeping up with modern design trends is costly and renovation construction can be disruptive to tenants and building operations. 3M Company offers various solutions to refresh, renew, and rejuvenate existing office space, all at a fraction of the price of traditional renovation and construction.

Installation Opportunities:

Ceiling Panels
Elevator Cabs & Doors
Wall Panels
Ceiling Panels
Elevator Cabs & Doors

Ideal for:

Hotels / Motels / Hospitality
Retail & Convenience Stores
Hospitals & Healthcare
Car Dealerships
Retail & Convenience Stores
Car Dealerships

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Achieve More Freedom & Flexibility in Your Designs with Value Engineering

Make more possible in your projects without compromising function or quality.

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AIA Approved Lunch and Learn

If you would like to learn more about 3M’s window film product offering, 3M Company offers an AIA presentation for credit that you can take either online or through a face-to-face Lunch & Learn. Please contact us to learn more.