3M Residential Insulating Window Film

Energy Efficiency & Comfort

3M has been improving the energy performance of residential windows for many years.

For instance, take a standard double pane window found in most 20-30 year-old homes. They are not necessarily as energy efficient as they should be. Installing 3M’s Thinsulate Climate Control Window Film lowers the SHGC and U-Value of your existing windows and virtually turns them into triple pane glass – all at a fraction of the price of window replacement. And without the headache!

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Improve the efficiency of your existing windows and you’ll reduce heat transfer and loss, which makes you more comfortable and decreases your monthly utility bills. All without changing the appearance of your window!

Virtually Clear & Colorless

Reduce Summer Heat

Reduce Glare

Enhance Views

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Lower Utility Bills

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Case StudiesResidential Sun Control Film


Furniture Fade

Many homeowners believe that only ultraviolet (UV) light is responsible for furniture fade. That’s only partially true. The sun’s visible light and infrared heat also contribute to fading.
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A major reason homeowners buy window film is to slow down the fading of their furnishings. The sun’s ultraviolet light (UV), visible light, and infrared heat cause furniture and floors to fade. Those damaging rays typically enter a home through its windows and window film can delay or prevent fading entirely. Here is how:

Ultraviolet Light

The sun’s UV rays cause skin cancer but they can also cause furnishings to fade over time. You cannot really see or feel UV, but it’s there and it’s doing damage to both your skin and furniture. Most window films, even clear ones, block out 99% of the sun’s UV, thereby reducing the likelihood that UV will cause your couches and floors to fade.

Visible Light

Visible light is the reason you can’t stare directly at the sun; it’s simply too bright. The sun’s rays cause fading. Window film can block out the sun’s visible light. The darker the film, the more visible light the film is blocking, thus helping to preserve your furniture and floors.

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Infrared Heat

This is the heat that you feel on a hot day when you’re standing out of direct sunlight. This heat not only causes personal discomfort on a hot day, but also damages your home’s fabrics and floors. Many window films are designed to block 97% of the sun’s infrared heat (when measured from 900-1,000nm) which will help protect your furnishings.

Help protect your furniture without sacrificing your views.

Shades, blinds, and drapes are frequently used to help control fading by blocking out the sun’s energy. But they only do so when closed, which affects your view of the outside. 3M’s residential window films block out 99% of the sun’s UV light while also blocking out the sun’s light and heat, all without affecting your view.