Kits that Fit. Guaranteed.

3M Pattern and Solutions Center (PSC) is pattern software specifically designed for 3M Paint Protection Film and Automotive Window Film. PSC maximizes installer efficiency while minimizing film waste.
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PSC is a global cutting platform with an extensive library of over 250,000 patterns for 14,000 vehicles (US and international models).

  • User-friendly interface
  • All makes, models, and trim levels
  • Cost-effective
  • Halo and Nesting features
  • Pattern customization
  • Full vehicle kit coverage
  • US and international models
  • New patterns added regularly
  • Kits that fit guarantee

3M PSC offers dealers and installers two unique features:

  • A “kits that fit” guarantee: 3M is so confident in the precision and fit of its patterns that it offers users that use 3M paint protection film or automotive window film a guarantee. If any pattern fails to meet expectations, 3M will reimburse the user the cost of 3M film consumed.
  • Halo: 3M's proprietary weeding feature creates a "halo" effect. A 1/4" border is cut around every part. This makes weeding faster and helps to eliminate the accidental tearing of small parts, thus reducing film waste. (This feature can be turned on and off per the user’s preference.)

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