Top 5 Best-Selling 3M Glass Finishes to Consider for Your Space


Glass continues to be a prominent feature in offices as the need for openness remains relevant for productivity in the workplace. The use of glass walls and partitions welcomes natural light to flow freely throughout a space while also allowing occupants to see out. However, the inherent transparency of glass means a lack of privacy for occupants. Luckily, with 3M Glass Finishes, you can create customized privacy while maintaining an open, collaborative space. 

Benefits of 3M Glass Finishes

3M Glass Finishes elevate privacy and offer light disbursement, so you can achieve your desired level of separation without eliminating the flow of natural light. Glass finishes are durable adhesive films that can be installed on existing glass surfaces to add style as well as opacity to clear glass. Benefits include:

  • Elevated interior aesthetics
  • Increased privacy
  • 100+ designs to choose from
  • Maintain natural light in your environment
  • Value-engineered alternatives to costly sandblasted or specialized glass
  • Enhance branding with custom-cut graphics 
  • Installs on existing glass surfaces, minimizing downtime and waste

These films are available in various patterns, colors, and opacity levels, giving you complete customization control. Not only do glass finishes boost privacy, but they can also enhance the interior design of an office. Incorporate branding with logos, mission statements, and more with custom-cut graphics, or transform traditional glass into unique visual spectacles with artfully designed patterns. With 3M Glass Finishes, the opportunities are endless. 

Top 5 Best-Selling 3M Glass Finishes

Seeking inspiration for your interior design project? Here are the top five 3M Glass Finishes currently selling on EPD’s Online Shop:

1. 3M Fasara Lausanne (SH2EMLA)

best-selling 3m glass finishes

Strike a balance between privacy and natural light with 3M Fasara Lausanne. This frosted film offers 84% visible light transmittance while obscuring the view through the glass to boost confidentiality where necessary. In addition, Lausanne rejects up to 99% of UV rays to protect furnishings and occupants’ skin from sun damage. 

2. 3M Fasara Luce (SH2FGLU)

best-selling 3m glass finishes

3M Fasara Luce is a frosted film with 34% visible light transmission, controlling privacy and light. This film allows a small percentage of light transmission so that you can enjoy a portion of natural light without the bothersome glare. It also rejects up to 99% of UV rays. Not to mention, the frosted glass film affords complete privacy, so occupants can focus on their work without distractions or prying eyes. 

3. 3M Fasara Milky Milky Light Gray (SH2MAMML)

best-selling 3m glass finishes

This frosted film allows 61% visual light transmittance, maintaining a sunlit space. In addition, the frosted appearance of the film increases privacy by obscuring the view through the glass. The light gray color of this frosted film adds an element of unexpected style to this application. Reject up to 99% of UV rays, welcome a portion of sunlight, and boost confidentiality where necessary with 3M Fasara Milky Milky Light Gray. 

4. 3M Dusted Crystal (7725SE-314)

For those interested in maximizing the amount of light entering your space, opt for 3M Dusted Crystal, a vinyl alternative to the polyester composition of 3M Fasara. This film provides 85% visible light transmittance, and its dusted texture offers elevated privacy. In addition, 3M Dusted Crystal rejects up to 73% of UV rays to protect occupants and property from sun damage.

5. 3M Fasara Aerina (SH2FGAR) 

This gradient-style film transitions from high transparency to high opacity to maximize natural light and privacy. The unique visual design of this film elevates the look of traditional glass for a touch of sophistication. In addition, 3M Fasara Aerina rejects up to 99% of UV rays, the leading cause of fading. 

You can find the ideal decorative film for your office on EPD’s Online Shop! From opaque frosted films to gradient finishes and patterned films, we offer various options to meet the specific needs of your office. Complimentary samples are also available for order so you can try out your favorite finishes in your space. Shop today!

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