3 Ways to Attract New Tenants

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As a property manager, it’s likely that one thought lingers in the back of your mind: “How will I not only keep current tenants happy, but also attract new ones?” 

Even if current tenants are delighted with their space, the inevitable ebb and flow of occupants means that there is almost always a need to fill vacancies with new renters. 

What Factors Are Turning Away Potential Tenants?

Perhaps an outdated interior or exterior is turning potential occupants away. Oftentimes, the go-to solution is renovation or remodeling, but how often can you do that without exceeding your budget and halting business operations? On the other hand, perhaps those considering your space are concerned about safety — something that is seemingly out of your control. Another concern that prospective tenants may have is the cost of utilities. Big windows and high ceilings are certainly attractive and inspiring architectural features, but they can come with steep energy expenses that prospects must factor into their bottom line. 

Luckily, there is a way to make your space more desirable to future tenants, remain within your budget, and do so in a timely fashion — 3M Window Films and Architectural Finishes. 

Bring Your Building to its Full Potential with Window Film & Surface Finishes

Whether your building has outdated interiors or lackluster exteriors, unsafe surroundings, or high energy costs, there is a 3M architectural solution that can tackle the issue at its core. Easily transform the look of interior and exterior surfaces, enhance security, and lower energy bills — all with 3M surface finishes and window film! Discover the perfect solution to meet the needs of your space and the desires of future tenants. 

Refresh Your Space, While Remaining Within Your Budget

Over time as design trends continuously evolve, your space will inevitably need a makeover. While most people’s minds immediately jump to renovations when it comes to updating their space, this option is costly, time-consuming, and potentially disruptive to tenants. With 3M Decorative Finishes and Films, you can easily and cost-effectively stay one step ahead of the latest trends. 

attract new tenants with glass finishes

3M Decorative Glass Finishes can transform existing glass surfaces utilizing a variety of patterns, textures, and colors. Not only will this add a unique element of design to your space, but it also stylishly creates privacy. From conference rooms to lobbies and restrooms, there are many locations in which decorative glass film can elevate the aesthetics of your space when it’s in need of a timely refurbishment.

3M Architectural Finishes can revive worn, outdated surfaces to look virtually new — at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Architectural finishes simulate a variety of natural and synthetic materials, such as wood, metal, and even whiteboard. They can be installed on most any interior or exterior non-porous surface, including walls, partitions, doors, furniture, countertops, and more. Just imagine the possibilities for modernizing your building.

Ensure the Safety of Occupants & Objects in Your Space

From inclement weather to break-ins and vandalism, unexpected scenarios occur in the blink of an eye. In the event that your space falls victim, you need an effective solution that offers easy clean up so that potential occupants aren’t turned away. After all, a shattered or graffitied window can certainly deter a future tenant from considering your space. 

Prepare your space for the unexpected. With 3M Safety and Security Window Film, you can enhance the protection of building occupants and their property. Assure current and future tenants that the windows in your space are backed by an extra layer of invisible protection. Designed to stretch rather than tear, safety and security window film helps to hold glass in place should it ever be shattered. While you’ll need to replace the window, this film allows business operations to continue even with a broken window as you wait for a glazier to arrive on site. Additionally, 3M Anti-Graffiti Film allows for easy, inexpensive clean-up in the event that your windows are ever vandalized. Don’t let graffiti make your space an eye sore; simply peel off the sacrificial film to expose a clean, good-as-new window. 

Improve Efficiency for Lower Energy Bills

Energy efficiency remains an important consideration in both homes and workplaces. After all, high energy bills can potentially make your space undesirable, not only because of the expense but also because of the discomfort that persistent temperature fluctuations may cause occupants. 

With 3M Insulating Window Films, you can make your space more desirable by increasing its energy efficiency and, in turn, lowering energy bills. Assure future occupants that your space cost-effectively achieves comfortable temperatures year-round due to the energy efficiency it achieves through window film. 3M Insulating Window Films can earn your space up to 11 LEED credits, so you can save money on utilities, increase occupant comfort, and improve sustainability to appeal to both current and future occupants.

3M Window Films and Architectural Finishes present a cost-effective and timely solution to attracting new occupants. Whether you want to easily refresh your space, increase the level of security felt among occupants, or improve energy efficiency, there is a 3M solution that will meet the needs of your space and appeal to future occupants.

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