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3M Paint Protection Film in Western Massachusetts & Hartford, CT

Since 2008, Pinnacle Performance has offered 3M Paint Protection Film (PPF) to the Western Massachusetts and Hartford, CT, areas as a 3M Pro Shop Dealer. PPF is designed to resist abrasions and defend against rocks, gravel, and the weather. Not only does it help protect your paint, but it’s also engineered to remain clear and not yellow with age. As a result, it won’t change the appearance of your vehicle but will keep the paint looking shiny and new for years to come. 

Along with being maintenance-free, 3M PPF is extremely durable and comes backed by a ten-year nationwide warranty. The nearly invisible film will keep your car protected and the paint looking fresh, helping retain your vehicle’s value. PPF is custom designed to fit your vehicle to ensure a perfect application. With satin and matte finishes, you can choose a slightly different look for your vehicle or keep the appearance otherwise unchanged.

3M Car Window Tinting, Vinyl Car Wraps, & Ceramic Coating

In addition to PPF, Pinnacle Performance also offers car window tinting in Westfield and Eastern Massachusetts. With window film for your vehicle, you can add UV protection, enhance style and privacy, and keep your vehicle cool with infrared heat rejection. Not to mention, window film also reduces glare to improve safety while you’re driving.

Additionally, Pinnacle Performance installs specialty vehicle wrap films, such as the 3M Carbon Fiber series. Even though it looks just like carbon fiber, it’s a fraction of the cost and can easily apply to any flat or curved surface. Other styles of film are available as well, including wood grain, matte black, and more. Pinstriping services are also available to elevate the aesthetic of your vehicle. Pinnacle Performance offers high-quality pinstriping not just for cars but also for motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and marine and aircraft needs.

3M Ceramic Coating is another automotive solution offered at Pinnacle Performance. Ceramic Coating is a high-gloss shine treatment applied to vehicles for a polished look. Not only does it keep your vehicle’s paint looking fresh, but it also protects against harsh chemicals by making them easier to wash off.  With a hydrophobic finish, water will simply bead off your car’s exterior. Contact Pinnacle Performance for your vehicle upgrades today!


  • Automotive Window Tint
  • Paint Protection Film
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Specialty Car Wrap Films
  • Pinstriping 
  • Headlight Restoration

Pinnacle Performance

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