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Car Window Tinting Services in Annapolis, MD

Precision Window Tint & Wraps is a 3M Pro Shop Dealer that provides car window tinting in Annapolis, MD, and surrounding areas. As a 3M Pro Shop Dealer, they’re committed to providing a high level of knowledge, exceptional customer service, and top-notch products. They offer the following 3M Window Films for your vehicle: 

3M Obsidian

3M Ceramic IR 

3M Crystalline

No matter which product you select, window film will enhance privacy, add style, reduce glare, and help your vehicle stay cool by reflecting solar heat. It also protects against harmful UV rays that cause car interiors to fade. By adding 3M Window Film to your vehicle, you can improve comfort, elevate appearance, and keep your car looking newer for longer. As 3M was the first company to receive a sun control window film patent back in 1966, you can rest assured you’re getting the best solutions on the market. All 3M Automotive Tints are maintenance-free, engineered for longevity, and backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. 

3M Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, & Vinyl Wraps

Although window film is a great way to give your vehicle more protection, Precision Window Tint & Wraps also offer additional services that can provide extra defense. 3M Paint Protection Film works to safeguard your vehicle against the elements. Not only does it protect against rain, snow, and other inclement weather, it also can shield the paint from rocks, sand, gravel, bugs, salt, and other chemicals or debris you might encounter on the road. 

The clear bra can be applied to any part of your vehicle for full protection. It’s scratch and stain-resistant with self-healing technology to make any minor scratches disappear. 3M’s Paint Protection Film is custom designed specifically for your vehicle and is extremely durable with a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you prefer a satin finish, there’s also a matte version available that can give your vehicle a sleek look. 

3M Ceramic Coating is another way to shield your vehicle’s exterior from damage from the road and nature. This hydrophobic coating can be applied to any exterior surface on your car, including glass, metal, and plastic, thereby making it easier to clean your car’s paint.


If you’re looking for a way to add protection and change the look of your vehicle, 3M Vinyl Wraps come in multiple shades and finishes. Although they are designed for durability, they’re not permanent, so you can have the wrap removed from your vehicle at any time. Vinyl wraps are fully customizable for a completely unique look and come in matte, satin, gloss, and carbon fiber finishes. 

For quality protective film, ceramic coating, vinyl wraps, and car window tinting in Annapolis, contact Precision Window Tint & Wraps for a free quote today!


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Precision Window Tint of Annapolis

(410) 573-9200 precisionwindowtintmd@gmail.com
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