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Car Window Tinting in Newark, Delaware

Professional Window Tinting is a 3M Pro Shop Dealer that provides auto window tinting in Newark, Delaware. Their Delaware service area includes Newark, New Castle, Bear, Middletown, Clayton, Lewes, and Hockessin. In 1989, they opened their first location in North East Maryland. However, in 2000, they moved to Newark, Delaware, into a larger facility.

With over 30 years of experience, Professional Window Tinting’s auto tinting services increase the protection of vehicles and the comfort of drivers. As a 3M Pro Shop Dealer, Professional Window Tinting provides the highest level of expertise regarding 3M Automotive Window Films and Paint Protection Film products, ensuring exceptional products, customer service, and installation. Offering a variety of 3M window tinting products, including 3M Color Stable, 3M Ceramic IR, and 3M Crystalline, drivers can enjoy comfortable interior temperatures, minimized glare, and UV protection. Professional Window Tinting’s experienced and knowledgeable team can help you select the best film to meet your needs depending on the level of heat rejection and visible light transmission you would like to achieve. 

In addition to automotive window tinting, Professional Window Tinting also offers other automotive solutions, including 3M Paint Protection Film and 3M Ceramic Coating.

Additional Automotive Services: 3M Paint Protection Film & 3M Ceramic Coating

Professional Window Tinting carries 3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film (PPF), which protects the exterior of your vehicle from nicks, scratches, and stains. Whether you have a brand new car or a fresh coat of paint,  PPF helps preserve the quality of your vehicle’s finish by protecting against gravel, road debris, bird droppings, and other threats to your car. This virtually clear film can be installed on hoods, door handles, fenders, and more to keep your vehicle looking good as new. 

Preserve the look of a brand new paint job with the power of 3M Ceramic Coating. This special formula helps maintain the glossy, wet look of a brand new coat of paint. Additionally, its hydrophobic properties allow for impeccable water beading. With the application of 3M Ceramic Coating, rest assured knowing your vehicle has an extra layer of protection against chemicals like salt, tree sap, acid rain, and more. Additionally, the coating makes washing the body of your car a breeze.

Member of the 3M Prestige Dealer Network: Residential & Commercial Window Film Installations

Professional Window Tinting offers residential and commercial window film installations at both of their locations. As a member of the 3M Prestige Dealer Network, you can expect not only high-quality 3M window film products but also exceptional installations from Professional Window Tinting’s technicians. Offering a variety of window film solutions for sun control, improved security, and increased privacy, a member of Professional Window Tinting’s team will work closely with you to identify the best window film for your space. Contact us today to get a free quote! Serving the Baltimore to Newark corridor.


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Professional Window Tinting & Graphics

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