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Car Window Tinting in Vienna, VA

TintFX is your trusted source for architectural and car window tinting in Vienna, VA. Established in 2012, they are a veteran-owned 3M Pro Shop Dealer. This designation means that they not only offer the complete line of industry-leading 3M automotive window films and paint protection films, but their certified installers also provide the highest quality craftsmanship and service. Their service area extends beyond Vienna to include Annandale, Reston, Tysons Corner, and other areas of Northern Virginia.

If you are a NOVA resident looking to elevate your driving experience, look no further than 3M automotive films from TintFX. They carry 3M’s full line of car window tinting films, including the entry-level carbon film 3M Obsidian Series, a carbon/ceramic hybrid 3M Color Stable Series, a full ceramic 3M Ceramic IR Series, and the best of the best in nano-technology — 3M Crystalline Series. Each of these series is available in a variety of tint levels, so you can choose the look that best meets your needs. 

With 3M car window film installed on your windows, you’ll enjoy a cooler interior, reduced glare, and a sleek look. In addition, 3M films block over 99% of UV rays, protecting against fading and skin damage while you’re on the road.

3M Vinyl Car Wraps, Paint Protection Films, & Ceramic Coating

As a 3M Pro Shop Dealer, TintFX also offers 3M vinyl car wraps, Paint Protection Film (PPF), and Ceramic Coating. 3M 2080 Scotchprint vinyl car wraps are available in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to quickly transform your vehicle — and turn heads everywhere you ride. The best part is that car wraps can easily be removed to restore your vehicle to its original factory look. 

3M PPF allows you to maintain the pristine look of your paint job by protecting critical areas of your vehicle against chips, scratches, watermarks, fading, and more. You’ve already invested a lot into your car; protect your investment with 3M Paint Protection Film. 

3M Ceramic Coating is a premium treatment that not only provides a high-gloss shine but also protects your vehicle with a chemical-resistant, hydrophobic coating that aids in the cleaning process. Ceramic Coating can be applied on factory automotive paint, 3M car wraps, or 3M Paint Protection Film to provide superior protection and a polished finish.


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