3M Obsidian Automotive Window Film is a metal-free entry-level dyed carbon film that is unlike any other dyed carbon film. 3M uses its patented “Infuse Technology” to bond the black carbon particles to the polyester film. For the consumer, that means richer color, increased performance, and greater color stability. Backed by a national lifetime warranty, Obsidian is perfect for the consumer who seeks performance at a budget-friendly price.

Stay cool

The Obsidian Series incorporates 3M’s Patented Infuse Technology that provides better durability than many dyed films due to the bonding of the dye particles into the film. These films also provide strong heat rejection, low reflectivity and protection from ultraviolet (UV) rays, thereby enabling you to stay cool. Obsidian Series rejects up to 44% of the total solar energy coming through your windows

Stay connected

The Obsidian Series is a non-metallized window film that won’t interfere with mobile devices, GPS or satellite radio reception.

Superior UV protection

Blocking up to 99% of UV light, the Obsidian Series provides a total Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of up to 1000. This helps provide vehicle occupants with significant protection from harmful UV rays.

Increase privacy

Increase privacy for you and your valuables with the Obsidian Series, available in tint levels that can block up to 92% of visible light into your vehicle.

Reduce glare

The Obsidian Series reduces up to 91% of the glare from blinding sunlight, allowing you to see better and concentrate more on driving

Limited lifetime warranty

The Obsidian Series is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, one of the most comprehensive warranties you can get. Sold and installed by professional 3M Authorized Dealer Installers, our films are durable, designed to last and virtually maintenance free.

3M Obsidian is available in many shades, from 70% (lightest) to 5% (darkest), to comply with the tint laws of various states.

OB 5 OB 15 OB 25 OB 30 OB 35 OB 40 OB 50 OB 70
Total Solar Energy Rejected 60% 57% 55% 53% 52% 50% 48% 45%
Infrared Rejection 8% 9% 9% 9% 9% 7% 9% 7%
Visible Light Transmission (VLT) 5% 16% 22% 32% 37% 44% 51% 64%
UV Rejection 99.8% 99.9% 99.8% 99.6% 99.6% 98.5% 98.5% 99.7%
Glare Rejection 93% 79% 70% 56% 49% 39% 30% 15%
IRER** 53% 53% 53% 53% 53% 53% 53% 53%

Data shown is the estimated performance of film applied to ¼” (6mm) thick, 73% VLT automotive green glass. Data is for reference only.
*IRR - Percent of solar infrared energy in the 900 – 1,000 nm wavelength range that is rejected by the film. Measurement is made of film with liner alone (i.e. no glass).
**IRER – Percent of solar infrared energy that is rejected over the wavelength range from 780 – 2,500 nm. IRER takes into account the transmitted and absorbed IR energy that will be reradiated into a car. Data shown is for the performance of film applied to glass.

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Every 3M automotive window film installation performed by our certified installation network is added to your vehicle’s Carfax report when you activate your warranty. Contact your certified installer for details.

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Please obey all applicable local, state, and federal laws when choosing a window film.