Become a Film Technician: Window Film Training Offerings at EPD University

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Looking for an exciting career with high job growth prospects where you can make a comfortable living without a college degree? Consider joining the window film industry as a film technician. The architectural films and finishes industry has been steadily growing since 3M Company patented the first window film in 1966, and today technicians are in high demand. To get started in the industry, all you need to do is enroll in a window film training course to learn the skills and techniques needed to install film. EPD University offers window film installation training programs to provide hands-on instruction to aspiring technicians at our training facility in Baltimore, Maryland. In our architectural film courses, you will learn how to install everything from sun control window film on patio doors to security film and attachment systems in school buildings.

Architectural Window Film and Finishes Courses

Sun Control Window Film

Our one-day hands-on window film training course covers the basics of insulating window film installation on residential and commercial windows. As commercial building owners are pressed to reduce their carbon footprint, low-emissivity film is increasingly in demand, making this course particularly important for technicians. Download the sun control film training course brochure.

Safety and Security Film

Like insulating film, security film is increasingly in demand as schools and commercial property owners across the nation work to secure their buildings against armed intruder threats. Learn how to install this high-demand product in EPD University’s one-day hands-on training course designed to cover the basics of installing security film on residential and commercial windows. In this course, you will also learn how to install a window film attachment system for enhanced security.  Download the security film training course brochure.

3M Glass Finishes Decorative Film

In this one-day course, you will receive training on the basics of installing decorative window film on residential and commercial windows. From branded graphics to frosted privacy films, you’ll come away with a deeper and applied knowledge of the techniques needed to enhance interior design with decorative film. Download the decorative film training course brochure.

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

In this two-day training course, we cover the skills necessary to apply DI-NOC architectural films in an interior design setting using appropriate materials, tools, and techniques. Applications include flat surfaces, door wrapping, complex curves, elevator cabs, corners, and more. In addition to application techniques, other training topics include surface preparation, installation considerations, and maintenance and repair recommendations. Download the architectural finishes training course brochure.

Window Film Training Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much can I expect to make as a window film technician? As a niche tradesperson, window film installers make a good living. The average starting annual salary for a full-time film technician is $75,000.
  • Do I need to have prior experience? No prior experience is necessary to enroll in film installation courses at EPD U. All you need is passion and a drive to succeed.
  • Who are the instructors? Your instructors at EPD U are experts in the film industry, each with over 20 years of experience and a passion for bringing new people into the industry.
  • How much does installation training cost? Course tuitions range from $795 to $1,200 and include installation tools and lunch.
  • How will I find a job after I complete my window film training courses? EPD is invested in the future of the film industry and that means we’re invested in your success. To help graduates find and secure jobs in the industry, we provide a platform for career support for all graduates of EPD U. When you complete your coursework, you can post your resume on Career Connect, the architectural film industry’s only online job placement website. In essence, Career Connect is like the ZipRecruiter or Indeed of the architectural films and finishes industry. On this marketplace, companies across the country are looking for qualified film technicians like you, so your resume is certain to be seen and considered by prospective employers.

Invest in Your Future By Training at EPD U 

If you’re looking for a satisfying career with growing job prospects that doesn’t require a college degree, consider attending EPD U for window film training courses. The industry is expanding, so get on board with this opportunity and lay the groundwork for a sustainable and rewarding career. Register for a course today.
If you’re a dealer looking for window film training opportunities for your team members, partnering with Energy Products Distribution can be incredibly beneficial for your business. With a long history and unparalleled expertise in the architectural film industry, EPD will provide your team with the support, knowledge, and access to resources needed to succeed in their roles, helping your business thrive in the process. Visit EPD University online to learn more or register today.

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