Why Birds Fly Into Windows & How to Prevent It

Bird Divert SafetyBird Divert Safety

Glass windows are not invisible to birds; worse, they seem like welcoming reflective surfaces the birds unknowingly fly into. Windows usually reflect the foliage around them. On the other hand, if birds see their own reflection, they attack because they mistake it for other birds. As a result, they fly into the façade, getting injured, impaired, and even dying in some instances. 

And since most US cities are urban jungled with hundreds of hi-res buildings fitted with reflective windows, it’s no wonder 1 billion birds die every year in the US due to this issue. 

But all’s not lost. There are ways to help birds find the way and avoid slamming into any windows in their flying path. 

Reliable Ways To Keep Birds from Hitting Your Windows

First, know which windows in your space are the most at risk for bird collisions. These could be large picture windows, windows at an angle, or windows with feeders on the outside.

It’s never a good idea to position feeders outside windows unless at safe distances of at least 3 feet. If your windows have a bird feeder, prioritize making them bird-friendly. Remember, any trees or sky reflected in or visible through the glass will also be visible to the birds. 

Luckily, there is a solution available to mitigate the likelihood of bird collisions with your building: Bird Divert Safety Film.

Bird Divert Safety Window Film

Bird Divert safety films deter birds from flying into the exterior reflective glass, minimizing the likelihood of collision and damage. The film can easily be applied to the outside surface of your exterior glass. It is nearly invisible to the human eye, leaving the exterior of your space virtually unchanged. However, circles on the film are visible to birds, breaking up the reflection of their surroundings and making the glass visible. 

Bird Divert safety film is not only a protective step for both the avian population and your building, but some cities have even passed legislation requiring buildings to have bird-friendly glazing. For instance, New York City’s Local Law 15 was brought into effect in January 2021, focusing on bird-friendly materials on the exterior of buildings. Bird Divert Safety Film can protect your space and the birds while helping you achieve local law compliance.

The Bottom Line

Now is a good time to invest in Bird Divert Safety Film.  This film can protect the birds, your building, and meet local law compliance, all while maintaining the exterior appearance of your space. Contact a member of our team to learn more about the benefits of Bird Safety Film today

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