Congratulations to the 2021 3M Automotive Dealer Award Recipients

3m dealer awards3m dealer awards

Congratulations to our dealers who received 2021 3M Automotive Dealer Awards! 3M has a series of awards given to dealers that exhibit impressive performance through benchmarks such as exceptional sales growth or market leadership. At EPD, we strive to provide our dealers with the skills and resources to succeed, whether through marketing assistance, installation training, or sales support. We want to see our dealers grow and are proud to announce that due to their hard work and dedication, many are 2021 3M Automotive Dealer Award recipients.

3M Automotive Dealer Awards

New Auto Dealer of the Year Award

Recipients of the New Auto Dealer of the Year Award have been 3M dealers for less than two years. As relatively new dealers, winners of this award displayed significant sales growth. We understand that becoming a dealer takes hard work and training. As a result, excelling within the first two years as a dealer is an impressive feat. Congratulations to the following dealers on earning the New Auto Dealer of the Year Award:

Auto Market Leadership Award

In order to receive the Auto Market Leadership Award, dealers must be located in a small metropolitan statistical area (MSA) and achieve exceptional or continuous sales growth. Or, they may have become market leaders within their area, paving the way with new products or services. To be a leader in your market is an achievement that requires an impressive skillset, immense knowledge, and a bit of calculated risk. Congratulations to our dealers who received the Auto Market Leadership Award:

2021 3M Pro Shop Dealer Excellence Award

In order to be named a 3M Pro Shop Dealer, installers must display the highest level of knowledge and expertise with 3M automotive films. To receive the 2021 3M Pro Shop Dealer Excellence Award, Pro Shop Dealers must achieve the following:

  • Impressive Sales Growth
  • Year-Over-Year Growth Rate
  • Historical Growth Rate
  • Strong Business Partnership with 3M
  • An Excellent 3M Brand Ambassador

Not only have these dealers obtained the highest skillset in terms of 3M automotive films, but they’ve used their skills to achieve impressive sales growth year over year while fostering a strong business partnership with 3M. The following dealers are recipients of the 2021 3M Pro Shop Dealer Excellence Award:

To all of the 3M Automotive Dealer Award recipients, we are proud of your hard work and dedication to the 3M brand. We look forward to many more years of success in the future and are here to support our dealers in their pursuit of excellence. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a 3M dealer here. If you are interested in becoming a dealer, contact our team at EPD for more information.

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