Decorative Glass Finishes: The Cost-Effective Way to Create Elegant Aesthetics

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When it comes to designing a building, architects understand that appearance isn’t limited to the outside aesthetics. A space’s interior should be equally as visually appealing as its exterior! 

Beautiful, intricately etched or sandblasted glass can add an element of design to your space that isn’t easily achieved through artwork or furniture selections. Not to mention, decorative glass can help to create the necessary level of privacy in conference rooms, bathrooms, partitions, and more. Whether the primary intent is to increase the level of privacy in a particular room, improve aesthetics, or incorporate a brand throughout a commercial space, architects often turn to etched glass as a solution. However, many don’t consider the negative aspects of etched or sandblasted glass — or that there may be a better alternative.

Beauty has a Price

While etched or sandblasted glass provides a look of elegance, there are a few factors that are often overlooked. Etched glass can be rather pricey, at times costing as much as $125 per square foot. Not only can etched glass be expensive, but replacement is difficult, costly, and disruptive due to its level of permanence. Since etched glass completely replaces existing glass surfaces, the installation and removal process is not quick and simple. Once you spend the money to have it installed, it’s likely that the etched glass will remain in place for the years to come, as replacing it would be prohibitive from both a cost and convenience standpoint. As time goes on and styles change, updating the interior of your space will be a difficult and expensive task. Another disadvantage is that etched and sandblasted glass is inherently weaker than standard glass as a result of the abrasion process used to create the frosted texture. Finally, etched glass can be difficult to clean and maintain; it may need to be sealed or re-etched from time to time to maintain its appearance. Knowing the drawbacks, is sandblasted or etched glass your only option when it comes to improved aesthetics and increased privacy? 

Achieve Privacy & Elegance at a Fraction of the Cost

Working with a strict timeline and a budget, it’s possible that sandblasted or etched glass may not be the best option for your project. When you need a cost-effective, high-quality solution with a quicker turnaround, 3M Decorative Window Film, also known as decorative glass finishes, is the answer.

3M Decorative Glass Finishes are Cost-Effective

While etched and sandblasted glass adds a beautiful touch to your space, its expense is not always compatible with your budget. Remain within your project budget and achieve both increased privacy and enhanced aesthetics with decorative window film. Not to mention, should the glass ever need to be replaced or should the design need to be updated, doing so with decorative window film is much more budget-friendly than etched glass replacement. 

3M Glass Finishes are Easily Changeable with Endless Options

The installation and replacement process for decorative window film is seamless compared to that of etched glass. This allows you to change and update decorative glass film as the building needs evolve or as design trends shift. Instead of having to completely replace the glass as you would for etched glass, decorative glass finishes can be peeled off when it comes time to replace the film. With endless patterns and colors available, decorative glass film allows you to customize your level of privacy and your design aesthetic to conform to whatever appearance your clients desire.

Upgrade Existing Surfaces with Minimal Disruption

Unlike etched or sandblasted glass, decorative window film can be applied to existing glass surfaces, eliminating the need for major renovations and replacement. This not only saves money, but it also reduces the amount of time needed for the installation. As a result, business operations can get back on track quickly and with minimal downtime. 

With decorative glass finishes, you can achieve all of the benefits of etched or sandblasted glass, without the hassle of prolonged installment and at a fraction of the cost. Decorative window film allows you to increase privacy without sacrificing natural lighting and add a unique element to your space. Bring your vision to life without exceeding your budget when you choose 3M Decorative Window Film. 

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