3 Reasons Your Building Needs Distraction Markers

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The environment in which we work can drastically impact our level of productivity. With this in mind, architects and interior designers aim to create an office setting in which employees can perform to the best of their ability. Open floor plans and expansive windows make for a sleek, modern office setting, and glass walls surrounding conference rooms and individual office spaces allow for an open, collaborative, and bright workplace. However, with glass walls come some issues we don’t often consider. 

When a glass wall is crystal clear, it becomes a collision hazard. While seeing someone unknowingly walk into a wall can be humorous on TV shows and in movies, in reality, it can create a workplace safety issue. Additionally, there are times in the office when privacy is required. When that’s the case, how can you achieve the desired level of privacy without completely shutting off a space with curtains or blinds? 

That’s where distraction markers come in. Distraction markers add safety to your workplace, create privacy without ruining aesthetics, and can even incorporate your brand or a unique element of design into your space. 

What Are Distraction Markers?

Distraction markers are strips of 3M Decorative Film applied at eye level to glass walls, doors, and room dividers, adding different patterns and designs to an essentially blank canvas. Designs can range from circles and diamonds to squares and stripes. Additionally, you can even have your markers custom-designed to portray your brand! There are a few key reasons why investing in distraction markers is a decision you won’t regret. 

Why You Should Invest in Distraction Markers

1. Improve Safety in the Workplace

Installing distraction markers on glass walls and partitions is an investment in the safety of your employees. Reduce the likelihood of collisions by indicating the clear barrier’s presence with the 3M Decorative Glass Finish of your choice. Not only does this allow you to create a safer work environment for employees, but it also saves business owners from having to replace glass damaged in a collision. Save money while adding safety to your office space!

2. Sleekly Create Privacy

While open floor plans and sleek, modern offices are highly sought after, they can result in little to no privacy in the workplace. Blinds and shades are certainly an option to create privacy, but they can take away from a space’s aesthetics. Distraction markers give you the ability to create subtle privacy in a way that best suits your workplace without eliminating the streamlined ambiance and natural light of an open office layout. 

3. Elevate Aesthetics & Boost Brand Awareness

It can be difficult to create a workplace environment that sets itself apart from the traditional, mundane office setting full of cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and minimal visual appeal. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, property manager, or business owner, using distraction markers will elevate the interior of your space. 

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Suppose the objective is to add a unique design element or incorporate your logo throughout the office. In that case, distraction markers can help you create visual interest without exceeding your renovation budget. Additionally, applying distraction markers is a quick and non-intrusive installation compared to glass replacement, allowing for continuity of operations.

Unlock endless possibilities in the workplace with distraction markers. From improved workplace safety and privacy to enhanced aesthetics, distraction markers are a unique way to enhance a work environment. 

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