FAQ: Does color PPF fade?

FAQ: Does color PPF fade?

Color paint protection film can fade just like any other film that is exposed to the outside elements. The longevity of the film is based on multiple factors, including product quality, geography, and ongoing maintenance.

Color PPF is created by adding a decorative layer to the base urethane film with a clear coat on top for longevity. If the clear coat isn’t of sufficient quality, then the effects of the sun will prematurely wear the color layer. Alternatively, the color layer should be of high quality in order to be vibrant during initial installation.

Geography, and the ensuing weather conditions, can impact the lifespan of color PPF. A qualified PPF manufacturer will test its product in advanced weathering stations, whereby a film is exposed to various weather conditions and temperatures. Weathering stations should be located in different parts of the world to test the film in various climate conditions (hot, cold, dry, wet). Such testing can help a manufacturer understand the impact that various climate conditions will have on the longevity of material. 3M Company is known to have the world’s most advanced weathering stations and tests its films before market release:

Finally, product longevity is based on ongoing maintenance. Failure to maintain the film properly will result in premature product wear.  Maintenance requires regular cleaning with the appropriate cleaning tools and detergents. Alternatively, some PPF manufacturers produce protective coatings that can be applied to the PPF to increase lifespan. One example is 3M’s ceramic coating, which is an applied layer of silicone that makes it easier to wash away dirt and prolong the life of the PPF. In all cases, be sure to follow the film manufacturer’s recommendations for product maintenance.

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