Funding for School Safety

Grant Writing Assistance to Harden Windows

Securing your school's facilities is a top priority, but finding the funding for essential safety measures, such as 3M Safety & Security Window Film, can be challenging. EPD understands these hurdles and is here to help you navigate the grant writing process to secure the necessary funding. Our expertise ensures that your school can access the financial resources needed to enhance safety. Don't let budget get in the way of securing your educational facility.
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School Safety Contract Vehicles

Special government contract vehicles provide schools with pre-negotiated terms and pricing for 3M Safety & Security Window Film, making it easier and more affordable to procure essential safety products and services.

  • GSA
  • TIPS
  • PCA
  • CMAS
  • Equalis

School Safety Purchasing Cooperatives

3M Safety and Security Films are available to schools through the following purchasing cooperatives.

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