How To Prevent Vinyl Siding & Other Surfaces From Melting With Window Film


Spring is finally here, and with it comes the promise of warmer days. But with warmer temperatures comes a potential problem: concentrated sunlight reflecting off windows can cause nearby surfaces like vinyl siding to melt. The sun’s reflection off windows can also damage plastic car trim, turf, composite decking, and surrounding shrubs, lawns, and landscaping. This damage creates a headache for homeowners, as it not only negatively impacts the appearance of a property but can also lead to the need for costly replacements. Fortunately, a solution can mitigate the issue: window film. Property owners can utilize window film to prevent siding from melting and protect surfaces like turf, composite decking, and more to maintain a beautiful exterior and minimize the need for costly repair and replacement.   

What Causes Vinyl to Melt?

Windows can reflect heat. However, if the temperature of the reflected heat becomes too high, it can melt nearby plastic materials. The reflected heat can also harm lawns, turf, and shrubs, especially during the hot summer months. Here are a few reasons why siding and other materials melt: 

The Sun Reflecting Off of Low-E Windows

As we become more conscious of the importance of energy efficiency in buildings and homes, using Low-E windows has become increasingly popular. While this coating offers significant energy savings, it reflects more longwave infrared energy and shortwave UV light. This increase can result in potential damage to surrounding materials. 

The Sun Reflecting Off of Warped Double-Pane Windows

Another popular solution to improved energy efficiency is using double-pane windows in residential and commercial spaces. This type of window not only reduces energy usage but also minimizes noise and window condensation. However, despite these benefits, double-pane windows can be susceptible to warping due to the changes in barometric pressure between the glass panes and outdoor air pressure. This warping can result in the concentration of the sun’s rays on nearby surfaces, causing potential damage. 

Other Factors

While concentrated sunlight reflecting off Low-E and double-pane windows may be a culprit to melting surfaces, other factors shouldn’t be ignored. The angle of the sun, proximity to neighboring buildings, wind speed, and air temperature all play a role in damage to surrounding surfaces. It’s important to consider all of these factors to prevent plastic from melting and potentially causing harm to the environment. 

As responsible property owners, it’s essential to take adequate precautions to ensure that our windows aren’t causing harm to our surroundings. While some of these factors that melt and damage surfaces are out of our control, there’s a product that can help prevent the likelihood of melting materials and damaged property — 3M Exterior Prestige Series Window Film.

Use 3M Exterior Prestige Series to Reduce Melting of Materials

The 3M Exterior Prestige Series can mitigate the heat reflected by windows that can cause nearby surfaces to melt. These products increase the amount of the sun’s incident energy transmitted through a glass pane by increasing the amount reflected and absorbed. As a result, the window absorbs more of the sun’s longwave IR before it hits the Low-E coating and is reflected outside.

In addition, 3M Exterior Prestige Window Films can reduce the intensity of concentrated energy reflected from a window’s curvature. As a result, these products can reduce the likelihood of melting surfaces if caused by Low-E Windows and warped glass.  In addition to potentially preserving the life of vinyl siding, composite decking, turf, and nearby landscaping, 3M Exterior Prestige Series provides various other benefits, such as:

  • UV Protection: Minimize furniture fade and protect occupants’ skin from UV rays
  • Non-Metalized Technology: No signal interference or corrosion, and no need to edge seal
  • Energy Savings:  Lowers energy bills and can become carbon negative in as short as 6 months
  • Add Points to LEED Certification

Protect Property & More with Window Film

As a property owner, if you’re faced with the issue of melting vinyl or other materials, window film is a viable option that can save you money and time. Protect your property by investing in practical solutions like 3M Exterior Prestige Window Film. Not only will you potentially reduce the likelihood of melting surfaces, but you’ll enjoy benefits like UV protection, energy savings, and elevated occupant comfort. Ready to get started? Find a 3M Authorized Window Film Dealer near you.

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