Protecting Your Property from Vandalism & Theft with 3M Security Films


As a property manager, you understand the importance of the safety of your buildings and the people and property within. Unexpected events can catch us by surprise, from inclement weather and break-ins to vandalism. The result of these events is damage to your property, the deterioration of tenants’ feelings of safety and security, and interruption of your normal business operations. Not only does this leave you to clean up the damage, costing both time and money, but it can negatively impact business among both current and future tenants. Don’t get caught off guard by theft or vandalism. Prepare and equip your property with 3M Safety & Security Window Film.

3M Safety & Security Window Film: Enhance the Protection of Your Space

3M Safety and Security Window Film helps fortify windows against inclement weather, break-ins, and other unpredictable scenarios to reduce damage and injury from flying shards of glass. Designed to stretch rather than tear, safety and security window film helps hold the glass in place when a window is shattered. While we often can’t predict a crime, we can ensure our property is equipped to handle the situation. By installing window film, you can lower the odds of property damage, the likelihood of theft, and the risk of endangering tenants and their clientele. 

Deter Criminals

When it comes to a break-in, minutes make a world of difference. A minute can determine the ability to call for help, to escape, or for the intruder to gain access to your space. Because of 3M Safety & Security Window Film’s tear-resistant properties, intruders experience difficulty shattering the glass of windows or doors. When faced with an unrelenting barrier and the inability to enter a space with ease, criminals may be deterred from their attempt to gain entry. Not to mention, this struggle gives those inside the necessary time to react in a break-in situation, allowing them to contact emergency services. The window film reduces the likelihood of criminals gaining entry to your space, while also increasing the feeling of safety among tenants.

Bolster Your Building’s Envelope

In the event of an act of terror or natural disaster, shattered glass and a blown-in window frame can cause immense damage to both property and people inside the building. Fortunately, safety window film creates a strong shield for your windows. The filmed glass is anchored to the window frame, creating a layer of protection against minor explosions, natural disasters, and break-ins.

3M Anti-Graffiti Film: Mitigate Vandalism Quickly and Inexpensively

As a property manager, you understand that maintaining the appearance of your space is crucial to business. With that being said, when vandalism inevitably occurs, you need a quick, efficient solution to getting business back on track and your space back to normal. 3M Anti-Graffiti Film provides a protective barrier between a surface and a vandal’s destructive medium of choice. By protecting your building’s exterior, with anti-graffiti film, you’ll achieve easy clean-up and long-term savings.

security window film for graffiti

Expedite Clean-Up

When you see a space with graffiti scrawled across the front, it’s hard not to assume that the space is run-down, dirty, or not well-tended. Because of the impression property defacement presents, it’s of the utmost importance that you tackle the problem of vandalism as soon as it occurs. If windows are graffitied but don’t have anti-graffiti window film on them, they may need to be completely replaced or deep cleaned. With anti-graffiti window film, simply peel off the graffitied layer to reveal a spotless window. 

Eliminate Downtime of Operations

Because of the ease of application and removal, anti-graffiti window film eliminates the downtime of operations due to vandalism. Instead of completely replacing windows or having to spend time cleaning them, anti-graffiti window film allows you to easily remedy the problem. Simply peel off the original film and apply a new layer of film to ensure business operations can smoothly move forward.

Save Money

Anti-graffiti window film not only protects your windows from vandalism, but it also saves money down the road. When you invest in window film, you’re saving yourself time and reducing the likelihood that your space’s windows need replacing after vandalism, which can be costly. Not to mention, since downtime due to cleaning or replacement is eliminated, you’ll be able to continue business as usual. Invest in 3M Anti-Graffiti Film now to minimize future expenses.

Invest in 3M Security Films for Property Protection

Whether you’re looking to protect your space against crime or potential natural disasters, there is a window film solution catered to the needs of your space. With 3M Safety & Security Window Film and 3M Anti-Graffiti Film, you can ensure that your space is equipped with the necessary technology to protect the property and people within.

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