[Case Study] DI-NOC Saved the Day!

reception desk with di-nocreception desk with di-noc

At Energy Products Distribution, yes, we sell products. But at the end of the day, what we’re really providing to our clients — and their clients — are solutions. For buildings required to reduce their carbon footprint to comply with local energy laws, we offer a solution for improving the efficiency of the building envelope. In areas susceptible to smash-and-grab burglaries, we provide a solution for deterring forced entry. For executives needing privacy during boardroom meetings in their all-glass conference rooms, we have a solution to add confidentiality to their space tastefully.

We recently received feedback from a client about a solution we provided them when they were in a bind. A company called Happify Health — now Twill — hired our client Rob and his team at Refined Sight to make a new logo and replace the existing signage on their reception desk at their office on 5th Ave in NYC. Happify Health was changing their logo and corporate branding, so they needed their space to reflect the transition.

When Refined Sight’s installers removed the existing Plexiglas rectangular sign, which was mounted to wood finish Formica with VHB tape, it removed a small section of the laminate! Because the new logo was not going to be on a backplate, the Formica needed to be repaired. Rob opted for 3M DI-NOC as the surface refinishing solution. He matched the Formica to a wood DI-NOC finish, and the client approved of his selection. However, the new logo reveal was quickly approaching on Monday, so Rob needed the material no later than Friday. EPD was pleased to deliver the DI-NOC to Rob on a tight timeline.

A Quick & Simple DI-NOC Installation

Rob patched the hole with Bondo. It took a few trips, but it was easy to use and sand smooth. He then applied 3M Primer 94 over the Bondo and the edges of the Formica.

Next, he installed the DI-NOC. The product’s strong adhesion impressed him. Rob and his team wrapped the edges of the reception desk, all with a single piece of material.

“It looks BETTER than the Formica…the grain of the DI-NOC really makes a difference,” says Rob.

Refined Sight then installed the acrylic logo directly onto the DI-NOC with VHB tape. Although he was initially concerned that the weight of the logo might pull away from the DI-NOC surface, Rob was confident after experiencing the adhesion of the DI-NOC to the Formica.

“It came out great and was a big hit as we installed the logo yesterday morning just as employees were coming back to the office post-COVID and seeing the new logo. Thank you for your help with this. I was worried that I was going to make a foam core sign to reveal the new logo.”

We’re glad you didn’t have to resort to a foam sign, Rob! Thank you for partnering with us and having confidence in our ability to deliver.

Repair Surfaces with DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

Utilizing 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes to repair surfaces saves time and money. Rather than replacing old surfaces, you can refinish them with DI-NOC for a cost-effective and sustainable solution. Contact the surface repair experts at Energy Products Distribution today!

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