School Safety Grants Fund 3M Window Film for Enhanced Security

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School is a place where both students and faculty members should feel safe and comfortable so they can focus on what matters most: education. However, over the past decade, violence in schools is something that we hear about far too often. In fact, in the last ten years, there have been 180 school shootings and 356 victims. Tragically, as the years go on, the number of school shootings is increasing, according to CNN. As a result, school systems around the country are devising strategies to improve the safety of students and faculty members through enhanced security measures, training, and educating the children about response tactics. 

Grants for School Safety

It is of the utmost importance that schools are fully equipped to handle school safety threats by having proper security measures in place and procedures prepared in case of an emergency. With this being said, having access to security-enhancing technology is crucial. Fortunately, there are grants available for school safety that can help provide funding for improving security. In fact, in 2019, schools received $85.3 million from school violence programs run by the Department of Justice’s Office of Justice. There are numerous grants available, with some opportunities being specific to a particular state and others being available to any school in the United States, no matter their location. 

The School Violence Prevention Program is a federal grant developed by the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and the US Department of Justice. This grant aims to provide funding to eligible schools that will be put towards improving safety measures. The purpose is to update security technologies, train security personnel, and educate students on how to react in an emergency. Additionally, Target offers public safety grants available to schools within 100 miles of one of their stores or distribution centers. These grants are invitation-only, but schools can contact their local Target to request a meeting. 

In addition to these larger programs, there are many other school safety grant opportunities that schools can apply to for funding. To learn more, school administrators are encouraged to reach out to local law enforcement agencies to ask for direction on identifying and applying for school safety grants in their district.

Take Steps Towards Safety with 3M Window Film

Access to grants will allow schools across the nation to take the necessary steps towards improving school safety. One of the most important ways they can do so is through installing proper security equipment and technology. From surveillance cameras to in-building communication systems, there is a variety of technology available to improve the level of safety experienced in schools. One solution that can be purchased through grant funding to drastically improve security during a breaking and entering attempt is 3M window film.

Windows are undoubtedly the most vulnerable point of a building, as they can be broken with relative ease, allowing an intruder to gain access in a matter of seconds. However, when a window is protected by 3M Safety and Security Window Film, it is more difficult to penetrate, potentially deterring intruders and buying extra time for building occupants and law enforcement to react to the emergency. 

3M security film relies on tear-resistant technology that holds the glass in place if it is shattered, not only making it more difficult to gain entry but also protecting those inside from flying shards of glass. In an emergency, time is precious. When life or death comes down to mere minutes, 3M Safety and Security Window Film can provide those minutes. For a high-performance solution with easy application and maintenance, 3M Safety and Security Window Film can be the answer for schools across the country.

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