Layers of Security: Protecting Your Commercial Property

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A lot goes into successfully maintaining a commercial property, whether you’re a business owner leasing a space, a property manager, facilities manager, or commercial property owner. Not only do you invest money, but you also invest a lot of time and effort into your property. With this in mind, the protection of your space is crucial to the safety of both property and people. From break-ins and vandalism to inclement weather, your property is vulnerable to safety and security threats. While these unwanted events can’t be predicted, there are numerous protective measures businesses can take to ensure that their space is prepared for the unexpected. 

Security Measures You Can Implement for Your Commercial Space

Alarm Systems

Oftentimes, the first thing we think of when we envision a protected space is a piercing alarm system that alerts those nearby and police when an intruder has entered a building. At businesses that have a security alarm system in place, authorities are alerted immediately, allowing for quick response times, an increased likelihood that the culprit is caught, and potentially reduced property damage. Alarm systems are effective, low-cost protective measures that ensure that even when you aren’t on-site when the security breach occurs, the authorities will be automatically contacted.

Security Personnel

Another safety measure that businesses can implement is the use of security personnel. In fact, hiring security personnel provides businesses with many benefits. First and foremost, the visibility and presence of a security guard may deter potential criminals from targeting your building once they see that it is clearly highly protected. Second, security personnel are not only beneficial for the safety of the business, but they also provide employees or tenants with peace of mind knowing that someone is there strictly for increased protection. Finally, if a security breach or threat were to occur, on-site security personnel are trained and prepared to respond quickly to the situation to mitigate any potential danger to people and property.

Restricted Building Access

Restricting building access through the requirement of access cards or keypads is another way to amplify the security of your commercial building. Restricted access is an efficient way to completely limit unauthorized or unwanted entry. By implementing a security system that requires keyfobs, access cards, or coded keypads, you can limit access to commercial buildings to only authorized employees or tenants, making your building exceptionally secure.  

Interior Door Locks

One of the most basic ways to ensure the safety of your space? Interior door locks! Of course the exterior of your building has a lock, but should there be any area within your space that contains highly classified or important information or expensive assets, locking interior doors is an effective and inexpensive way to keep rooms secure. Interior door locks also provide an additional layer of protection for occupants if an intruder breaches the building envelope.

Security, at What Cost?

While there are numerous security measures property owners, lessees, or building managers can install and implement, many come with a large investment and an intensive installation process, particularly for existing buildings in need of security upgrades. For instance, it may not be within your budget to hire experienced security personnel to protect your space, as this would be an ongoing increase in overhead costs. Furthermore, buildings that don’t already have alarm systems or restricted access programs installed can face budget and time constraints in addition to ongoing service costs. Not only can the installation be costly, but it can also disrupt business operations. While all of these security measures can be incredibly beneficial to your space and can certainly be implemented in increments over time to remain within your budget, it’s likely that you need a cost-effective, timely security solution in the short-term. 

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A Cost-Effective, Efficient Security Solution: 3M Safety & Security Window Film

Windows are one of the most vulnerable points of a building. In the event of a break-in, criminals will likely attempt to gain access through glass windows or doors. The breaking of glass not only opens up your space to intruders, but it can also cause harm to people and objects inside. 3M Safety and Security Window Film can be applied to windows and doors, strengthening the glass with a virtually invisible protective coating. Specially designed to hold glass fragments in place in the event of breakage, safety and security window film reduces the likelihood of harm from flying shards of glass. Additionally, the film may deter criminals from gaining entry to your space due to the unexpected resistance it presents to the would-be intruder. 

3M Safety and Security Window Film will be installed by a 3M Authorized Dealer, ensuring a timely and professional installation process. Additionally, the ease of installation means little to no disruption to business operations. Help to protect your space against burglars, active shooters, inclement weather, and other catastrophic events that may harm your business with this affordable security solution.

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