Refresh Your Leased Property with 3M Decorative Films & Architectural Finishes

meeting room in a modern office spacemeeting room in a modern office space

Transitioning a property, whether commercial or residential, from one tenant to the next can be time-consuming and expensive. As a result, property managers realize tangible value in completing the tenant transition as efficiently as possible. The sooner the new tenant occupies the space, the sooner they start paying rent.

The amount of work required to get the space ready for the new tenants generally depends on three factors:

  • How long the previous tenant occupied the space. Even if the previous lease was only for a few years, design trends have likely evolved since the space’s last refresh.
  • How well the previous tenant maintained the space. The wear and tear the previous tenant inflicted on the property impacts the space’s readiness for the next tenant to move in.
  • How customized the space was to the previous tenant. In commercial properties, if the previous tenant’s branding was present throughout the space, their branding needs to be removed and possibly replaced with the incoming tenant’s branding.

Fortunately, innovative products like 3M Fasara, 3M Dusted & Frosted Crystal and 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes can help property managers quickly and cost-effectively transform their space so that it’s ready for the next tenants.

Revamp Dated Furniture & Architectural Elements

3M Decorative Films & Architectural Finishes breathe new life into dated surfaces. Rather than replacing old desks, cubicle partitions, doors, and elevator cabs, applying a resurfacing solution to existing furniture and architectural elements saves time and money. Not to mention, it offers a more environmentally sustainable option by reducing waste. Choose from hundreds of finishes to bring a modern feel to your space that the next tenants will love.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Even worse than a dated property is a damaged one. The unfortunate truth is that renters simply don’t take as diligent care of rental properties as they would their own. From worn corners on a reception desk to gashes in a structural pillar, incoming tenants expect damaged surfaces to be remediated before their lease begins. 3M Architectural Finishes can conceal damaged surfaces, making them look as good as new.

Customize Branding

Commercial spaces are often tailored to the tenant’s brand. Whether it’s a custom wall graphic in the boardroom or the company name and hours of operation on the glass storefront, 3M Decorative Films simplify replacing the previous tenant’s branding with the incoming tenant’s. A 3M Authorized Dealer can easily remove the existing film without damaging the surface and replace it with the new customized branding.

Preparing Your Leased Property for a New Tenant Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Now you can transition your property from one tenant to the next without the headache. Leverage the ease and versatility of 3M Decorative Films & Architectural Finishes to revive your rental property and wow your new tenants.

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