The Best Privacy Films for Limiting Visibility into Your Space

glass doors with privacy filmglass doors with privacy film

Traditional glass’s inherent transparency allows for visibility from one side of the substrate to the other. When natural light and views of the outdoors are desired, the clear nature of windows is seen as a benefit. However, sometimes it’s necessary to limit or even eliminate visibility through glass windows, doors, and walls. When privacy is the primary objective, these three 3M Privacy Films offer the best outcomes.

3M One-Way Mirror

3M One-Way Mirror Film creates a mirror-like surface under proper lighting conditions. With 64% exterior reflectivity, the film provides one-way visibility from the more dimly lit side of the glass. Think of the one-way glass present in police stations through which a witness assesses a lineup of potential offenders. Bright overhead lights illuminate the side of the glass with the lineup. When they look at the glass, they see their reflection. Alternatively, the witness on the opposite side of the glass can see through to the lineup of people. It’s important to note that while this film does provide excellent privacy, its effectiveness relies on lighting conditions. As a result, One-Way Mirror Film does not prevent outsiders from seeing into your home at night when the interior lights are on.

3M Scotchcal Black Blockout

3M Scotchcal Black Blockout Film offers complete privacy and less than 1% visible light transmittance. Because the film is black on one side and white on the other, it is generally safe for installation on double pane glass. The most common application for Black Blockout Film is for windows on a construction site. For example, consider a retail space that is doing interior renovations. This film can help black out the windows and conceal the construction progress from passersby.

3M Fasara Milky White

If some visible light transmission is desired, 3M Fasara Milky White Film, also known as Milano, is a popular product. With 59% visible light transmittance and 21% visible light reflectance, Milky White provides excellent privacy without eliminating the passage of light. The film largely obscures people and objects on the other side of the glass, but shadows and shapes may remain visible. Not to mention, Fasara Milky White provides an excellent option for logo cut-outs and graphic designs due to its contrast to clear glass.

3M Offers the Best Films for Privacy

Whether you require complete privacy or a subtle visual barrier, 3M manufactures the best films for privacy in the industry. 3M One-Way Mirror, Scotchcal Black Blockout, and Fasara Milky White offer excellent options when a high degree of privacy is desired. On the other hand, some decorative glass finishes provide a subtle deterrence of visibility. Request a free sample or a consultation with a product expert to determine the best privacy film for your application.

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