Transform Classroom Learning with 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface

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In school, students rely on teachers to thoroughly and effectively teach, demonstrate, and explain the curriculum in a multitude of ways. In fact, the effectiveness of an instructor’s teaching style is often a determining factor in students’ overall success. While there are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners, 65% of the population are visual learners. With this in mind, visuals in the classroom are essential. 

Classrooms with whiteboards can be highly conducive to learning, especially for visual learners. Dry erase markers are available in a wide array of colors, making color-coded information a possibility, and they can be wiped clean in the blink of an eye to create space for the next inflow of information. Additionally, projectors can seamlessly present slides onto the bright white surface that whiteboards provide. 

The downside of traditional whiteboards is when a common mistake is made: using a permanent marker on the whiteboard surface. Once this is done, the board is permanently damaged and must be replaced. Additionally, with repeated use over time, whiteboards can acquire faded stains from dry erase markers that can’t be easily removed. Avoid these common shortcomings of traditional whiteboards with 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface.

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How 3M Post-It Flex Write Surface Benefits Schools & Classrooms

3M Post-it Flex Write Surface can transform virtually any surface into a whiteboard, allowing for endless amounts of creativity and collaboration. One of the most notable features of this product is that permanent markers can be used without damaging the whiteboard. All it takes is a damp washcloth to bring Flex Write Surface back to good-as-new condition. 

1. Saves Money

3M Post-It Flex Write Surface saves school districts money in the long run. In the event that a permanent marker is used on a traditional whiteboard, the surface might need to be replaced depending on the extent of the damage. This mishap not only draws unexpected funds from a budget, but the disruptive installation of a new whiteboard could also infringe on classroom time and interrupt learning. These costly mistakes are eliminated due to 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface’s compatibility with permanent markers. 

2. Fosters Learning & Creativity

With 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface, creativity and collaboration know no limits. The ability to apply this adhesive film to virtually any surface means it can be used on anything from walls and desks to existing whiteboards! This helps to promote a positive, creative, and inclusive learning environment. Notably, the use of whiteboards can increase student engagement, as students or groups can be called up to the board to solve problems and answer questions in an interactive way. Not to mention, whiteboard work is both visual and kinesthetic, further improving the ability of multiple types of learners to retain information. According to research done at Indiana University, neural activity in children was far higher when they practiced writing by hand compared to those who simply read. With 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface, classrooms of all ages can achieve increased collaboration and creativity and higher student engagement.

3. Keeps Things Simple with Easy Application, Removal & Clean Up

With a simple application and removal process, you can easily transform classrooms using the 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface. This minimizes downtime during the installation process compared to that of traditional whiteboards and chalkboards. Not only are the application and removal processes quick and simple, but the cleaning process is effortless and safe, even when cleaning permanent marker off of the surface. All you have to do is dampen a cloth with water and wipe down the board to expose a glimmering, clean whiteboard with no chemicals needed. With its simple application and removal paired with easy cleaning, an investment in 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface will make life easier in the classroom.

Support your students and teachers by creating learning environments that engage and inspire multiple types of learners. Contact us to learn more about 3M Post-it Flex Write Surface or find a professional installer near you.

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