Why Partner with EPD as a 3M Dealer in 2023?

partner with EPDpartner with EPD

The new year is upon us, and there’s no better time to invest in the future of your business. The architectural and automotive film industries offer extensive opportunities, especially when you partner with 3M and Energy Products Distribution (EPD). A trusted manufacturer brand paired with an experienced distribution company that provides support at every step will provide the framework for your business to flourish. Start your year off on the right foot and partner with EPD as a 3M dealer in 2023. 

Why Become a 3M Dealer? 

3M: A Brand You Can Count On

Becoming a 3M dealer is an opportunity to represent one of the world’s biggest and most established companies in window films and paint protection products. Celebrating 120 years in business, 3M makes over 40,000 different products, and they even hold original patents for window film and paint protection film. As a world leader in adhesive technologies, their quality products are backed by years of experience, rigorous testing, and innovation. Furthermore, they offer some of the most comprehensive window film and paint protection film warranties in the industry. 

Marketing Assistance, Customer Loyalty Programs & More

As a 3M dealer, you will have access to extensive resources that set your business up for future success. 3M offers a breadth of digital assets like photos, logos, videos, and more so you can adequately fill your website with helpful, compelling product information for customers. In addition, 3M provides co-op money to qualifying dealers to help absorb the cost of marketing, and they offer dealer rewards programs with rebates. Not to mention, if you become a 3M Authorized Dealer, your company will be factory certified and trained to help customers with all their window film and paint protection film needs. 

Why Partner with EPD in 2023?

Becoming a 3M dealer provides extensive benefits, including quality products and resources from a globally recognized company. In addition, doing so allows you to partner with Energy Products Distribution! When you partner with 3M and EPD, you’ll have access to:

Hands-On Installation Training Courses

Partnering with EPD gives you access to our training courses through EPD University. This exclusive suite of courses combines education with practical application, ensuring aspiring installers have the best hands-on experience to provide quality installations. Not only does this benefit installers by equipping them with a high-demand skill set, but it also benefits business owners like you in attracting and retaining talent and providing top quality craftsmanship that will keep your customers coming back for more – and sending referrals your way. EPD University courses include:

Not only does EPD offer training courses, but we can even connect dealers and qualified installers via Career Connect! Career Connect, powered by EPD, is the only career placement site that specifically serves the automotive and architectural film industry.  Think of ZipRecruiter or Indeed where the only employee candidates are those with film installation experience. The charge for a dealer to post an open job to Career Connect is minimal and all proceeds go toward a worthy charitable industry foundation – Tinters for a Cause.

Access to Helpful Information 24/7

When partnering with EPD, you can access substantial resources to propel your business forward at any time of day with 24/7 access to our exclusive partner portal. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions to strategically grow your business. Investing in EPD’s partnering services unlocks a wealth of helpful knowledge and resources that will help keep you and your business one step ahead of the curve.

Sales Support

By partnering with EPD, you won’t have to feel lost during any step of the sales journey. We’ve been a leader in the window film industry since 1985, and we stand behind our dealer partners. You’ll have access to an outside sales representative, so expert guidance and advice will be just a call away! Aside from this support touchpoint, other initiatives are in place to expand your expertise. You’ll gain access to webinars, online training modules, and annual dealer conferences tailor-made to stay ahead of the curve within the industry. With EPD backing you up at every step, no realistic industry goal will be unattainable!

Marketing Assistance

EPD is much more than just a distributor; we want to help you grow in all aspects of your business. We can connect you with our digital marketing company, Xponent21. They can assist you in building a web presence that fits your business needs and customer expectations with everything from web design and content creation to SEO, social media management, and paid advertising. We also will promote you through 3M and EPD dealer locators if you meet certain requirements, making it even easier for consumers to find you. Partnering with EPD gives you access to all of these resources designed to get your business noticed in the ever-expanding digital world.

Invest in Your Business By Partnering with EPD & 3M 

Partnering with EPD and 3M in 2023 can be incredibly beneficial for your business. With unparalleled expertise in the automotive and architectural film industries, these industry-leading companies will provide you with the visibility, support, knowledge, and access to resources that your business wouldn’t otherwise have. Together, these two forward-thinking companies offer the guidance you need to remain competitive and reach a higher level of success in the automotive and architectural film industries – a partnership that promises to revolutionize your business for years to come.

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Energy Products Distribution (EPD) offers a tremendous breadth of 3M window film solutions and architectural finishes to architects, property managers, schools, energy service companies, and more. From improved energy efficiency and enhanced aesthetics to increased safety and security, EPD provides a product to meet the needs of your space. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of window film.