3M Window Film: Comprehensive Solution, Easy Installation

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Investing in window film is a decision that will benefit you and your space in more ways than one. Whether you want to increase security, improve energy efficiency, or enhance interiors, there are a multitude of window film solutions available. One of the most notable benefits of window film that business owners, property managers, architects, schools, and more can enjoy? The simplicity of the application process. 

In the Hands of a Window Film Professional

From start to finish, 3M Authorized Dealers provide professional, reliable service to customers. Once you have worked closely with a 3M Authorized Dealer in exploring and selecting the perfect window film for your building, very little energy and effort is required of you. 3M Authorized Dealers are trained and certified to provide the highest level of service to customers, leading to a seamless application. No need to attempt to install window film yourself, risking wasted material and a subpar result. When you choose a 3M dealer, you can expect a professional, efficient installation process.

Minimize Downtime of Operations

Window film is a cost-effective, efficient solution that can address the needs of your space with minimal disruption during the installation process. When windows are damaged by a break-in or inclement weather, business operations are halted until the glazier replaces the glass. When upgrades are needed within your space, the go-to solution of many is renovating and remodeling, processes that often require occupants to be temporarily displaced. Both of these scenarios mean businesses can’t operate as usual. Luckily, 3M offers window film solutions to address needs like enhanced security, refreshed interiors, and more. Furthermore, choosing a window film solution means little to no operational downtime while still addressing the needs of your space. Installing window film to renovate your space requires far less time than the replacement of existing materials, meaning minimal disruption to business operations. In the example of a shattered window, the film helps hold the glass fragments in place until the glazier can replace the pane, allowing for continuity of operations.

Backed By 3M Comprehensive Warranty

Not only does partnering with a 3M Authorized Dealer provide you with industry-leading expertise and professional installations, but you also reap the benefits of 3M’s comprehensive warranty. The warranty covers material and labor costs from potential damage that occurs during or after the installation. While warranty durations vary depending on the type of window film you select, rest assured knowing that 3M provides you with one of the most comprehensive warranties you can find from a company you can trust.

If you’re considering investing in window film, know that this will be a decision that you and your company will benefit from for years to come. Increased security, improved energy efficiency, enhanced aesthetics, and more are outcomes that can be easily achieved through window film installation in a timely and cost-effective manner. 

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Energy Products Distribution (EPD) offers a tremendous breadth of 3M window film solutions and architectural finishes to architects, property managers, schools, energy service companies, and more. From improved energy efficiency and enhanced aesthetics to increased safety and security, EPD provides a product to meet the needs of your space. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of window film.