Window Film Myths: Uncovering the Truth

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It’s no secret that spaces utilizing window film reap many benefits. From improved insulation and lower energy bills to UV protection and enhanced security, window film is a beneficial solution for a number of solar, safety, and privacy challenges. However, we recognize that investing in window film can be a big decision, and there are many misconceptions surrounding these products. Before deciding which window film is right for you, it’s important to uncover the truth about window film by debunking common myths. 

Myth: Window Film Only Works in the Summer

One common myth about window film is that it only works in the summer when the hot sun blazes through the windows. The truth is, window film works to regulate interior temperatures even during the cold winter months. In fact, 3M Insulating Window Film provides energy savings and comfortable temperatures year-round. While 3M Window Film can reject up to 99% of UV rays and up to 97% of infrared light, it can also improve insulation in the winter, helping to retain generated heat indoors. Its ability to retain the heat produced by your HVAC system in the winter and reject the sun’s heat in the summer leads to improved energy efficiency and increased occupant comfort, no matter the season. 

Myth: Window Film Will Make My Windows Too Dark

When people hear the words “window film,” oftentimes they assume that the film will make their windows appear dark and tinted. While there are tinted or reflective window films for privacy purposes, there are also window films that can leave the appearance of your glass virtually unchanged. In fact, 3M offers a variety of optically clear films that provide sun control or safety and security benefits without changing the exterior of your space. Not to mention, you can choose from different levels of tint to achieve the look you want for your building. Whether you prefer a darker film to increase privacy or a lighter film to more subtly reap the sun control and security benefits, 3M manufactures a film to meet your preferences. 

Myth: Window Film Will Damage My Windows

Another common assumption about window film is that it will damage your windows. However, this is not the case when it’s installed by a window film professional. Before selecting a window film for your space, it’s important to talk to a window film professional so they can help you select the right type of film for your specific application and needs. 3M makes finding a reputable and reliable window film installer simple. By awarding dealers who have undergone extensive training and quality assurance measures with the 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer Network designation, 3M indicates the top tier of installers. When you choose to have your window film installed by a company in this elite network, you’re guaranteed the highest level of quality and service. Use our dealer directory to find a 3M Authorized Prestige Dealer near you.

Myth: Window Film Will Kill My Houseplants

Plants need water, space, nutrients, air, and sunlight to survive. As a result, a common concern is how window film will affect your plants’ ability to receive adequate natural light. However, window film doesn’t prevent the sun’s light from entering your space. In fact, window film can actually help protect your houseplants. Hot spots created by the sun’s infrared light entering through windows can cause your plants to dry out and wilt. Additionally, UV exposure and temperature fluctuations can also harm houseplants. Through the use of 3M Sun Control Window Film, you can minimize hot spots and protect against UV rays, while still allowing natural light into your space. This enhanced sun protection ultimately helps to provide an environment where your houseplants can thrive. 

Myth: Window Film is a Cheap, “Band-Aid” Solution

Another unfortunate myth about window film is that it is a cheap solution that simply “covers up” issues without actually fixing the problem. False! Although window film is cost-effective compared to alternative options like window replacement, it certainly isn’t a “band-aid” solution, nor is it of cheap quality. 3M Window Film is made with top-of-the-line materials and carefully designed with 3M’s perfected window film manufacturing process. Window film is an efficient, low-maintenance, cost-effective solution that can boost energy efficiency, increase security, enhance insulation, provide privacy, and more, without the high costs and downtime associated with window replacement.

Window Film Myths: Debunked

Prior to investing in window film, it’s important to do your research and contact a window film professional for guidance. The best place to start is uncovering the truth and debunking window film myths. After realizing that common myths are easily reconciled with the facts, you’ll discover all that window film can truly accomplish for your space and its occupants. 

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