A Better Window Treatment Alternative: Window Film

Window Treatment AlternativeWindow Treatment Alternative

Curtains were introduced as innovative window treatments in the 15th Century. Since then, this technology has remained popular worldwide. However, curtains are becoming increasingly obsolete and dated. Luckily, there is a window treatment alternative that proves to be more effective and advanced.

What Are Window Treatments?

A window treatment covers or modifies an existing window for light and privacy control. Simply put, window treatments allow you to control access instead of leaving a window alone for anyone to peek inside or for sunlight to pour in. Blinds are a popular window treatment, especially for commercial use. Conversely, conventional curtains are primarily reserved for residential use.

While window treatments like blinds, curtains, and shades may effectively block light and create privacy, there are some drawbacks. Firstly, for blinds or curtains to be effective, you must remember to close them. Secondly, for them to be successful at blocking light and creating privacy, you have to eliminate natural light and outdoor views. Luckily, window film is a comprehensive solution that combines all the best features of curtains and blinds without any compromises. 

Why Window Film? 

Window film is a thin, protective, plastic layer applied directly to window glass. Available in various transparencies and opacities, every window film serves a different purpose. Whether you’d like to reduce glare and heat from the sun or increase privacy, there’s a window film product that can address your needs. Not to mention, unlike traditional window treatments such as blinds, curtains, and shades, window film can achieve these goals without sacrificing natural light. Additionally, film is a passive system that you don’t have to “open” or “close”.

Increase Privacy

If privacy is your end goal, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice a naturally lit space and outdoor views. Window film can increase the privacy of your space without eliminating the benefits that windows provide. 3M makes various products to help you achieve privacy. Achieve complete privacy with a frosted film. Or, opt for 3M Night Vision Window Film to provide daytime privacy without eliminating sunlight and views of the outdoors. Other privacy products include 3M’s Privacy Series One-Way Mirror Window Film. 

Minimize Glare & Heat

If you’re looking to minimize the effects of the sun, window film can do so without eliminating sunlight as a whole, unlike traditional window treatments. Instead, 3M Sun Control Window Films allow the sun’s light to enter your space while minimizing glare and rejecting heat. Thus, you can save energy because of the natural light and cooler temperature. In addition, window film rejects UV rays, prolonging the life of furnishings by minimizing the leading cause of fading. 


And none of this comes at a cost to aesthetics – window films come in various tint levels, colors, and designs, so you can find one that suits the needs and aesthetics of your space. 

Window films are an excellent investment for your property in the long term. Not to mention, they can provide benefits beyond what traditional window treatments can without sacrificing sunlight and views. Get in touch with a local installer to find the best window film for your space!  

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