FAQ: Does paint protection film change the appearance of my car’s matte paint?

FAQ: Does paint protection film change the appearance of my car’s matte paint?

Yes, a standard high gloss PPF such as 3M’s Pro Series Gloss certainly does. However, if your car has matte paint, use 3M’s Matte Series Paint Protection Film to preserve the matte satin finish that came from the factory.

Matte paint is becoming a factory option on more and more cars. Matte paint typically requires more care than standard paint, care that most motorists are not accustomed to giving. That is why PPF is such an attractive solution to helping protect matte paint.

Owners of cars with matte paint need to choose a paint protection film wisely. Typical glossy films will change the appearance of a car’s matte paint, so they are not viable solutions. 3M does, however, have a solution.

3M Scotchgard Pro Series Matte Film features the same protective qualities as its glossy counterpart but is matte satin in appearance. It can be custom cut by a computer to your car’s year, make, model, and trim level. And when installed on top of matte paint, the original matte look is maintained, and the PPF once again goes unnoticed.

There are some paint protection films on the market that achieve a matte effect by adding a chalky white appearance to your car’s gloss. While that may reduce the vehicle’s gloss, it diminishes the appeal of the factory matte paint. 3M’s film is not chalky in appearance. 

If you desire the appearance of matte paint yet your car has standard gloss paint, consider installing 3M’s matte PPF or 3M Vinyl Wrap Film Series 2080.

3M’s Vinyl Wrap Film Series 2080 allows you to change the color or shine of your car’s paint. 3M’s matte color change films are available in various shades of black, white, blue, green, orange, red, and brown.

Given the various options at your disposal, it may be best to consult a professional. Your local 3M authorized dealer can assist you in choosing the right solution for you.

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